Monday, June 9, 2014

Weslodge [Cutting Board - American]

Have always meant to try Weslodge (@Weslodge), can't help but be attracted by the big yellow door. Owned by restaurant power team Hanif and Charles Khabouth who also owned Patria (see post here), I am confident that it would be great.

It has an upscale saloon style decor, modern and with the high ceiling, the space look so extra spacious and impressive.

Love the touch of white amidst the otherwise all dark brown decor.

 Grilled Snap Peas $6
 Truffle + Radish + Parmesan
 Not a great fan of the truffle with the snap peas, somehow the two just doesn't go all that well together for me.

Cutting Board
Crispy Hen, Lamb Ribs, Duck Sausage, Dry Aged Ribeye, Pulled pOrk w/ Cuban Slaw, Baked Pasta and Jalapeno Biscuit
Available on every Sunday and Monday from 5pm for $29 per person (minimum of 2 orders) and in my opinion, it's very reasonably priced. Chef de Cuisine Kanida Chey wanted to showcase the best if what they have to offer.Love the rustic wood board presentation with the meat pile high. My fave have to ribeye that was aged for a minimum of 38 days was perfectly rare meaty goodness. The bourbon and coffee lamb ribs was full of flavors, moist and fall off the bone good topped with  pistachio. The crispy hen was sous vide for several hours before being dip in a buttermilk batter and then deep fried to golden goodness. Although it was white meat, it was still tender and moist with a perfectly crispy shell. Have to say my least favorite was the pulled pork, it was a bit too salty and rather dry. Love the baked orecchio pasta

 Love the baked orecchio pasta with the creamy sauce and crumbly bread crumbs.

Compare to the meat platter from The Carbon Bar (post here) which have the same price tag, the portion here is much more generous and justified the price. It's also much tastier here with much better quality of meat. 
amazing space and Amazing Service
Wonder how much is their Weslodge Aged Meat Locker, sounds amazing and would love to try.

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