Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Beerfest 2015 [TFOB - Event]

It's become our tradition to attend the Toronto's Festival of Beer (@tobeerfestival) each year (see previous post here, here and here) and this year it's even better with the milder weather.

Once again I am so lucky to get Media passes to the event where you get a special entrance, you should have seen the regular line up. We were bought to the Sleeman Media Lounge which was amazing and included our own portable potty (again no long line up with the crowd)  plus a socail media charging station for the twitter/instagram-holic like me.

Sleeman (@sleemanbeer)
Can those ladies look more amazing and I definitely need makeup tips from them, they manage to look that amazing throughout the hot day. Try LIFT light lager which was brewed with coconut water, it was incredibly light and refreshing and i was surprise that you can actually taste the coconut water in it.

Pizzeria Libretto (@PizzaLibretto)
We were lucky enough to be treated some yummy Margherita Pizza from my favorite pizza place inside the media lounge, another perks and once again no lining up at their pizza truck which trust me can be incredibly long.

Tried the Bud Light Apple, to me it tasted like apple juice mixed with a super light beer. Almost like a cider but less sour and more on the sweet side. Once again Budwiser got the big area with lounge/dance area and live band throughout the day.

Can you believe they had a electronic bull sushi for you to ride on.

We didn't get to get a sip this year, the place was so packed with such long wait that we decided to skip.

May I say best DJ and dance floor of the festival, the place is packed and people are totally busting some move here. Try the Moosehead Radler for the first time,  it is infused with natural grapefruit, grape and lemon juices but personally I thought it was way too sweet for my taste.

The new Hobgoblin Gold was one of Ben's favorite beer of the day which was an English Pale Ale in a dark amber color with thin white head with a juicy hop flavor. With little carbonation and a tannic finish to it, I find myself liking it as well.

It's not a slushy but a cold beer foam to top off you beer and it's keep it cold for longer, so cold and perfect for the hot weather.

Forbidden Artisanal Coder, to tell you the truth I am not a cider fan and only tried this because it has a pretty packaging. It's very crisp and refreshing!!!

Who doesn't like a pink and fruity drink and can the booth look any prettier.

Love their Fireside ESB can design, so vitage-y looking and love the matte finish.

Love all the pretty ladies in full costume selling giant pretzels.

A new addition this year, the Irish Pavilion showcasing all things Irish presented by Tourism Ireland and funded by our very own Government of Ontario. There was a total of 10 Irish breweries present that day and we got to taste some never seem before beer. Especially love all the fun names and bright labels of Trouble Brewing.

All the way from Chicago, you definitely have to try it to know what all the buzz is about.

With less common ingredients, their beer tends to have a very unique taste and stronger flavors than most beer.

Try the new Celeia Hop Ale, I am a fan of the Hop Ale series and this is no exception with the lemony sweet pepper taste. And they always have cool giveaway at the beerfest and this time it was no exeption, they were handing out coupon for free Smoke's Poutinerie poutine sampler.

Flying Monkey (@Flyingmonkeys)
As usual, you cannot miss this stop, it's a must at every event with all their fun one of a kind flavors. This time we try 12 Minutes to Destiny Hibiscus Pale Ale, White Lightning Lemonade Radler and Seven Point Four Play Fruit Weizen. Nothing was memorable but so much fun.

Their WalterMelon was once again my favorite beer of the day and since they only have it for the festival, we had quite a few glasses each. Totally refreshing with watermelon taste without being too sweet.

We tried the Maddaddamites Noobro which was very herb-y in taste and the Golden Vox which was another favorite of mine had a smooth malty citrus malt taste. Frankly I really never remember the name of their beer but only by their labels which are all so different and unique. 

With over 60 brewers, there's bound to have something for everyone's taste.
Another amazing year and I am sure we'll keep up the tradition, see you there next year.

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