Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Diwan Restaurant at Aga Khan Museum [Middle Eastern / Fusion]

I have been meaning to visit Aga Khan Museum (@agakhanmuseum) since it open, the space just look amazing and thought it would be nice to drop by for Brunch at Diwan, the restaurant located inside.

The space was quite modern and bright with floor to ceiling windows and with pieces of antique architectural pieces around which tied in with being a museum restaurant.

Persian Princess 
A pomegranate drink non alcoholic, asked for no sugar and it was very refreshing.

Roasted Eggplant Dip (Kashk e bademjan) $8
~ fermented whey sauce (kashk), turmeric fried garlic and mint
This was delicious especially the roll up naan which is so pillowy soft and definitely an amazing deal for that price. This was large enough for both of us to share.

Freekeh Mushroom "Risotto" $16
~ Ancient Arabian grain cooked risotto style w/ thyme seared mushrooms, preserved lemon & goat cheese
This was so flavorful, love the mixed grain with all the different texture and the preserved lemon that lighten up the risotto which could be quite heavy. And how beautiful does the mushroom looks with the score lines, I'll have to start cutting my mushroom like that too.

Goat Curry $17
~ they offer a different classic and modern takes on curries from around the world daily
It came with all bones and not much meat at all and Ben told our waitress and she gladly bought us another one with more meat, but it was still a rather small portion for a $17 main although it was delicious.

Saffron Dough Pinwheel with Figs (Zoolbia-e Anjir) $8
~ a composed dish of Persian dessert flavors, a pinwheel fritter dusted in pistachio sugar and served with fig jam, thick cream, salted fresh figs, crushed pistachios and Sabalan honey

Amazing location and space
Reasonably price (everything except for the curry) and everything was delicious
Service was a bit slow

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