Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lamesa - Fall Menu Launch [Philippine]

I was lucky enough to be invited to Lamesa (@LamesaTO) once again where we were introduced to their new Fall/Winter Menu from their new Head Chef Daniel Cancino. The moto here was to show people a modern elevated version of Filipino Food and it's executed by a brand new classically French trained chef.

Owner Les Sabilano and Chef Daniel Cancino
(see my previous post here and here to get a look of the space)

Boracay Cocktail
~ dark rum, coconut rum, banana liqueur, house made peach liqueur, macerated strawberry syrup
What a pretty welcome cocktail to start the night but for me the smell of the flower was a bit overpowering as you drink it, maybe need to take it off...

Tuna Kinilaw $14
~ albacore tuna, coconut, avocado, calamansi, chili, shrimp chip
This Filipino style ceviche with a coconut calamansi vinaigrette and coconut guacamole was light refreshing delicious with the big pieces of fatty albacore tuna. Love the crispy fresh shrimp chip, nothing ruined it more than places where stale shrimp chip was served. Oh and isn't it just so pretty!

Beet Maalat Salad $9
~ salted egg, white anchovy, thai basil, watercress, wild rice
Love the salty anchovies with the sweet beets and the fragrant thai basil. Love allthe different texture and flavors especially the crispy beet chips.

Corned Beef Lumpia $7
~ House corned brisket, house banana ketchup, house cheese, house kimchi, cabbage mostarda
Love the super soft almost mussy corned brisket with the crispy fried shell and their famous house made banana ketchup was the perfect compliment ( and yah, we each got a bottle to bring home)

Talong Salad $10
~charred eggplant, adobong caponata, salted egg, creme fraiche
Love the yellow dots of salted egg yolk but not sure how it tide in with the eggplants.

Cauliflower Ginataan $10
~ Cauliflower all ways
Grilled, pickled, poached and raw topped with coconut cauliflower foam and green cauliflower coconut puree... hope I didn't miss anything. Who could have though cauliflower can taste so many different ways. Love the grilled cauliflower with the green puree, can I lick the plate?!

Pork Octopus Dinuguan $22
~ octopus, pork cheek, onion, apple, maple puto, pig blood and calamansi jus
|The octopus was overcooked and the black pig blood paste/sauce was not that appealing presentation wise and I personally though that there was a bit too much calamansi juice which overpowered the taste of everything else.

Beef Bulalo $24
~ Shortrib, bone marrow, cabbage, potato, salsa verde, beef and ginger broth
So glad they gave us a bowl of rice! The broth was such a condense goodness with soft fall off the bone ribs and the fatty bone morrow which scream for some carb, so the rice was perfect. The fragrant broth was a bit sour from the tamarind and citrus the chef added and it was a welcoming taste to cut down the richness and fattiness of the dish. Some of the veggies was raw, for a hearty dish like this one I would expect more of a cooked/stewed veggies, especially the beans being so raw was kinda inedible w/ such an intense "green" taste.

Ube Leche Flan
A Spanish style custard made with sweet purple yam served w/ puffed wild rice and apple tapioca
This looked kinda sweet at first glance but it was not, love the intense ube flavors and love the crispy charred taste of the puffed rice with it. Definetly one of my fave dish of the night, hope they are keeping it on their menu ♥♥♥

Verdict :
This was probably my fav meal at Lamesa so far (been here at least 4-5 times, incl. here and here)
Love how Chef Daniel Cancino is applying classic French techniques to the food while still maintaining all the flavors and ingredients of Filipino Food.
Modern Philippine Food done right (unlike of most "fusion" places)
With not many Filipino restaurants to choose from, I would highly recommend you to drop by especially with this new and improve menu. 

Lamesa Filipino Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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