Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Manpuku Modern Japanese Eatery [Cheap Eats]

Manpuku Modern Japanese Eatery is located inside The Village by the Grange (inside the food court under OCAD). I have been meaning to come here for years but never made it here, it a rather popular place famous for it's inexpensive Japanese dishes.

Ochazuke $3.99
~ A grilled onigiri (rice ball) in a tea broth topped with nori seaweed and Japanese okaki cracker
This was the dish I have been craving to try and the reason I am here, as you may know I love my grilled rice balls (see here & here). This was perfect, without much salt, love the grilling flavor together with the tea broth. Will be coming back just for that and next time, I am no sharing.

Nigitama Gyudon $8.99
~ beef bowl rice topped with green onion and egg
Thought the beef was overcooked and dry although the egg was perfectly runny with just the right amount of sauce for the rice. 

There was more beef than rice.

Chawan Mushi $3.99
~ Japanese egg pudding with seafood
This should have a silky smooth texture but the version her is probably pre-cooked and reheated which resulted into a rough "old" overcooked bowl of steam egg.

Takoyaki $4.99
~ flour with octopus in the centre grilled on a special hot plate, topped with takoyaki sauce & mayo
 Definitely worth the 20 minutes wait and may I say, it's the best Takoyaki I had in Toronto. The flavors and chewy texture were right on point with the perfectly crisp exterior

Service was friendly and quick + Food was super affordable
Would just come back for the takoyaki and Ochazuke... but of course would love to try their other dishes like their curry and the imo mochi sounds good too.

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