Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lin's Chinese Bun 包子林 [Chinese - Scarborough]

 Lin's Chinese Bun 包子林 is hidden at a corner of a Chinese plaza at Finch and Midland. Last time we noticed it only after eating and notice that there was a long line, so we decided to come back this past weekend.

This is the type of small hidden gems that I want to keep to myself but too good not to share.
As the name says, it's mainly about boa aka Chinese steam bun but they also have items like marinated and smoke dishes which are just as delicious.

Fresh Tofu Pudding  特色豆腐脑 $2.49
The tofu is incredible smooth, I find it a tad bland so I added so chili oil which was perfect. And the liquid is perfect to go with the buns.

Black Bean Rice Congee 黑米粥 $1.25
This does not have salt or sugar in it and to me, this is like a Chinese dessert soup so I think it needed sugar.... but Ben like it plain and bland.

Pork & Leek Bun 韭菜豬肉包 $1.19/ea 
(Sat & Sun only)
This buns/boa come out pipping hot and be careful when you bite into it since the juices from the filling come bursting out.

Lamb Bun 羊肉包子 $1.49/ea 
(Sat & Sun only)
This was will with juicy flavorful lamb but thought it was too meaty, some veggies/fillers are missing for extra texture and flavors. 

All of their bun are $1.19 each except for the lamb, this is a great deal since it so filling. Probably 2-3 baos will fill you up to the brim. Usually people would come in and order 2-4 baos plus a liquid like the tofu pudding or black bean congee and that would be a meal.

Pan Fried Bun 水煎包 $5.49
I usually am not a big fan of pan fried bun since the boa tends to be too thick and too oily for my taste but this was the perfect thickness and perfectly fried to the perfect crispiness.

Smoked Tofu Skin 熏豆腐皮 $3.29
Never had smoked tofu anything before but the smokiness was just right here. The outer layer was browned from the smoke and flavors which also gave it a slight more chewiness. 

Marinated Pig Feet 醬豬手 $3.29
Pig Feet are usually pretty heavy due to the fattiness, this served cold was surprisingly not and super flavorful.

Smoked Egg 熏雞蛋 $0.80
Just like the tofu skin, the egg was perfectly smoke.. light and delicious with a slight chewiness to the outer layers.

This is the type of small hidden gems that I want to keep to myself but too good not to share.
Affordable & delicious!!!
Will definitely be back, maybe for takeout on lazy weekends. 

Lin's Chinese Bun Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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