Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Antler Kitchen.Bar [Canadian]

Can I say it right off the bat that Antler Kitchen Bar (@AntlerKitchen) is my favorite restaurant of 2015 and it was to be expected from one of my favorite Toronto Chef, Chef Michael Hunter (@TheHunterChef). For so long we only got to taste his special dishes at special events, so glad that there's a permanent spot for all the goodness.

Antler celebrate regional ingredients with a menu that feature foraged ingredients and farmed game meat which mean you will find things other that the usual beef, pork and chicken. Farmed game meat and not hunted since Canada have very strict regulations for serving hunted game mean in restaurant (outlawed with exception for charity dinner).

The place have very limited seating with a long bar, although with 2 weeks advance reservation, we only got bar seats.

Wild Mushroom Tarte Tatin $10
~ caramelized onions, foraged mushrooms, sorrel walnut pesto, puff pastry
This is for me the perfect example of foraged ingredients with the yummy earthy mushrooms and did I mentioned the super flaky super buttery puff pastry, Mushroom + Puff Pastry = I'm in heaven!

Jamaican Venison Patty $9
~ spicy dipping sauce
What a great take on the classic street food, love how it's served in the paper bag. Made in house, the pasty is incredibly light and delicious... no idea how I can go back to the regular ones now. Even the side of scotch bonnet hot sauce mixed with the sweet red pepper puree was perfect with the savory minced venison.

House Smoked Mozzarella $14
~ cerignola olives, toasted almonds, field greens, roasted squash, brown butter
Didn't expect such a huge portion, this is definitely meant to be share since if you ate that by yourself you probably won't have room for anything else. Love the light smokiness to it and how the salty olives compliments it so perfectly.

Spice Ash Crusted Rack of Deer $39
~ braised shoulder, parsnip puree, swiss chard
Love the "red" / rawness which can only be achieved by sous-vide and the thick spiced ash crust was perfect contrast both in flavor and texture. Even the braised shoulder underneath was delicious, moist tender fatty goodness. 

Game Burger $18
~ wild boar, bison, deer, hot mustard, garlic aioli, house smoked cheddar
Juicy thick patty which are all made in house including the bun, mustard, aioli and even the cheddar are smoked in-house. The fries was a bid bland thou with no salt and pepper plus a bit chewy; that was probably the only bad thing from this meal but we were already too full to care.

Foraged Cedar Infused Ice 
~ cedar dust, wild berry compote
Thanks Chef for the palate cleanser, had pine dust earlier this year so I wasn't surprise with cedar dust this time. Love the cedar bitterness with the tart sour berries, super refreshing.

Verdict :
Def got my vote for best restaurant of 2015
I'm already thinking of going back to try the rest of the menu, especially the pasta.
Everything was heavenly apart from the 2 out of the 3 glasses of wine we order was rather flat / not fresh (opened since last night?!).

Antler Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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  1. Good food and nice place...😍😍😍😘😘😘