Monday, January 4, 2016

Homemade Ramen 中國蘭州牛肉拉麵 [Chinese]

Ben heard from a friend saying that Homemade Ramen 中國蘭州牛肉拉麵 in Chinatown has the best Chinese hand-pulled noodle in Toronto, even better than our favorite, Magic Noodle (see post here). I would say it's a tied!!!
Sesame Pancake w/ Sliced Beef $4.99
This definitely doesn't look like the picture on their menu but I thought it tasted great. The sesame pancake was light while the beef was tender and flavorful.

Sliced Noodle with Hot & Sour Pork Meat Sauce $6.99
Ok really there was barely any pork in there which was a disappointment. But the noodle was amazing, I always like doughier and chewier hand sliced noodle versus hand pulled noodle and this one was perfect although their version is long and thinner than most. I guess this one is not cut by holding the dough and sliced by hand directly over boiling water or soup.

Hand-Pulled Ramen w/ Beef $7.99
I usually don't order the "clear/plain broth" but rather ones with spices/flavors but Ben decided on this one (1st item on the menu/list) and it was rather delicious, the brisket was very tender and flavorful while the noodle was perfectly made as well.

Verdict :
Definitely another option for hand made noodle from now on.
My only complain was the non existing pork noodle, they will have to work on that.
And should they really call it "Ramen" which I usually associate with Japanese Noodles.
But they sure will be having competition w/the 3rd location of Magic Noodle opening on Harbord St.

Homemade Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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