Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Vineland Estate Winery Restaurant [20 Valley]

Went to Vineland Estate Winery Restaurant (@VinelandEstates) this past Easter Weekend for lunch and they were having their Spring Fling 3-course prix fixe menu for only $25pp. Their menu changes regularly depending on the what's seasonal and fresh.

The view and atmosphere is so breath taking no matter the season or weather at all the Wineries in Ontario that I've been, I am always surprise when someone from Toronto told me that they have never been to a winery in Ontario, they are definitely missing out.  That's the best vacation you can give yourself over a weekend, so relaxing and it just make me so happy each time (I swear it's not the alcohol talking)

East Coast Mussels
~ Mustard, Baby Fennel, Green Apple, Riesling
Love the presentation of the mussels, it's like a mini DIY project in itself (^_<) and it was so tasty, especially love the pop of texture and flavors of the mustard seeds.

Soup of the Day
Love the salty spicy chorizo and the tangy pesto with the creamy soup.

Southern Fried Duck Sandwich
~ Waffle, Onion Aioli, Icewine Cabbage, Pickles, Cilantro, Gaufrettes
Love the presentation but no way you can bite into it without breaking it apart. The waffle was perfect to hold up the sandwich but thought the duck was way too salty while the gaufrettes was bland and needed a sprinkle of salt.

Estate Made Linguine
~ Pulled Chicken, Marc's Mushroom, Smoked Cream

Articanal Cheese 
~ Canadian Selection, Candied Nuts, House Preserves
+ $14 individual size
It was a rather large plate for individual size and trust me, I am not complaining here. What a great selection and I am in love, I would definitely come back just for their cheese boards and a glass of wine (or maybe a bottle). They have a Cheese Cave on the 2nd floor of their Tasting Room that sells the exact cheese serve at the restaurant and you can also enjoy the cheese boards there and do some wine tasting.

PB & J
~ Steamed Peanut Cake, Grape Jelly, Peanut Butter Gelato
Kind of think dessert is not their forte maybe?! We didn't really like either dessert, The cake here was dry and not very peanut-y.

~ White Chocolate Icewine Ganache, Passion Fruit, Shortbread

We also went next door for some extra wine tasting, I personally like their Whites but not the Reds.

Love the space and the food
Will definitely be back very soon
A little bit more than an hour away from Toronto, I can't think of a better mini getaway.

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