Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mei Nung Beef Noodle House (美濃刀切牛肉麵館)

I may have pass by this place at First Markham place million of time but have never been due to the pungent smell of stinky tofu... don't get me wrong, I love stinky tofu but when it's in a restaurant/enclose area, the smell will just stick on you the rest of the day which I hate. I finally decided to try Mei Nung Beef Noodle (美濃刀切牛肉麵館) since I was desperate for a good bowl of Taiwanese Beef Noodle and heard that was the place to go.
Homemade Beef & Beef Tendon Noodle Soup ($7.99 Large)
This is probably the best Taiwanese Beef Noodle I had in Toronto; the soup was bold and flavorful, the noodle are homemade and hand cut, beef and tendons moist flavorful melt in your mouth good and the pickled cabbage is finely chopped which awakens your taste bud with it's acidity.

Homemade Beef & Beef Tendon Noodle w/ Fried Bean Sauce ($6.99 Small)
Both of us usually prefer the soup version but for this post sake, we decided to order something different. This one is without sauce instead it's top with a very flavorful fried bean sauce and bean sprouts. This will definitely be better for the hotter summer days since it's not hot as the soup version.

 Deep Fried Stinky Tofu ($6.99)
Since my clothes smell of it already, why not eat it as well =P
This is the Taiwanese style stinky tofu where they serve it with pickled cabbage on the side.
(I tend to prefer the Hong Kong version which has a more golden color and top w/plenty of chili and hoisin sauce, see it here). This was quite a large portion compare to the ones we get at the Night Market and the 2 of us could barely finish it after the noodle.

Love to top the stinky tofu with extra chili sauce ;)

Verdict :
Best Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup in Toronto ♥
Now that I tried it, I will be back in spite of the stink

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  1. OMG I've actually been to this place before! Years ago! But I don't remember what I had lol