Monday, September 24, 2012

Sansotei Ramen

Finally Toronto is getting more Ramen choices and being a big fan of Kinton (see my post here), I just have to try out their newly open competitor just down the street at 179 Dundas St. W. '
Sansotei Ramen (@SansoteiRamen) recently open in a rather quite fashion, after hearing some friends said it was the best yet and being the ramen fans that we are, we just had to try it out.

It's a rather small space but I have been hearing how their broth is sold out all the time.
We arrive for a late Friday lunch at around 2:30pm and the place was empty (yeah no wait)

Very simple menu
Zawgi (Deep Fried Chicken) $4.50
It was good with a dash of spices on top 
and I am guessing it was Shichimi togarashi (aka seven Flavor Chilli Pepper 七味唐辛子)

 Tonkotsu Ramen $9.25
Look at the milky pork bone broth and it smells so good that I probably never took pictures of my food so quick. The soup was very flavorful, not too oily and have a very nice texture and this is definitely my fave ramen broth in Toronto but the noodle could be better.
(compare to Kinton`s, their broth is slightly lighter)

The egg was actually perfectly cook but somehow I find it lack depth of flavor

 The noodle here are white, unlike most places where food coloring is added to get that yellow color that we are use to (it's not egg, no egg is use to make ramen). 
Unlike most Toronto ramen place where curly noodle is use, the one here are straight...but color or not, I find the noodle here are flour and lacking... not sure how to say it, it`s neither hard /al dente as many suggest, all I can say it`s not perfect and definetly not as good as Kinton`s.
Their ramen receipt is the chef own but due to space issue, they are made by an outside contractor/factory.

 Shio Ramen $8.90 (extra Chashu/Pork Belly +$2.00)
A regular bowl of ramen here comes with 2 slices of chashu and for an additional of $2.00, you get another 2 pieces. A clear broth is use here instead with soy sauce added to it. I find this slightly saltier than the tonkotsu that I had and tasted slightly oilier but very tasty nonetheless.

 I actually love the layers of fat on the chashu/pork belly which was a beauty and melt in your mouth goodness with a slight chew from the skin.

Sign of a good bowl of ramen, you think ?!? 

Green Tea Ice Cream Mochi $3.00
Love it, the ice cream wasn't frozen solid with a thin mochi layer.

Verdict :
♥ the ramen and ♥ how there's no line up yet
Wish the noodle was better but love the broth and chashu/pork belly here.

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  1. I heard from another person that the chashu at Sansotei is one of the best in the city! Wow the green tea ice cream mochi looks good too :)

    1. Definelty a must try especially for colder weather, nothing beats a hot bowl of noodle soup ;)

  2. Just came back from Sansotei and I really liked the ramen! The broth is so much better than Niwatei's. I still have to try momofuku and Kinton though :)

  3. Oh Amy, btw I didn't like Momofuku ramen at all... it's def not the flavorful goodness you get here :( But Kinton is def a must try, their broth is a bit heavier compare to Sansotei but their noodle is better :)

  4. Nice review and I like how you compare it to Kinton Ramen which I haven't had a chance to try yet either. Are there any other Ramen locations that are worth a try in Toronto?

  5. I just tried Sansotei 2 days ago and I think it has some good and bad stuff over Kinton. I prefer the Sansotei noodles more than Kinton, but the Sansotei condiments that went with the noodles were stone cold and the bowl of soup is lukewarm. Knife skills were terrifying as the chasiu turned into shredded pork and green onions were chopped unevenly. And also their way of setting up the restaurants into tables of 6 is stupid. I went at peak lunch hour and there are lots of empty seats in the middle of the table because they have to seat couples to each ends of the table. The lineup shortens as people saw their slow service and empty chairs. If they don't do something about this they can't stay in business for long. If you like Sansotei's food, better go there often to try to keep their business going.

    1. I actually said the same thing about the tables when I went. When I went the soup was actually pretty hot, I guess they have to work on the consistency =P I am actually going back with some friends tonight, let's see if it's still as good but personally I like Kinton's noodle better than the one here