Tuesday, September 11, 2012

St Jacobs Farmers' Market

I just love farmers' market with all the fresh goodies but I always have a problem with waking up early enough on the weekend to actually make it (>_<) A few Saturday ago, I finally manage to wake up extra early to make a mini trip to St Jacobs Farmers' Market in Waterloo; it is Canada's largest year-round farmers' market. It was very packed, I assume it's because I went on a Saturday and also due to the perfect sunny weather.

Other than the Farmers' Market building, there was also a big Outdoor Market and a Flea Market both indoor and out. Surrounding the market, there was also an Antique Market, Outlet Mall and Furniture stores.... You can basically stay for hours, so make sure to bring a cooler if you decide to tackle the market first and that's what we did to ensure we get all the goodies since the Farmers' Market close at 3:30pm earlier than the other building (but remember that prices will likely drop at the end)

First thing first, we look for something to eat first since we were starving after the long drive and we basically bought the first thing we see =P

Grampa's Soft Pretzels
The pretzels are made right in front of you, you can see the lady rolling out the dough and twisting it.
We got the classic Cinnamon Sugar at $3.00, the pretzels was so soft and served hot. So Good!!!

 Perogie Palace
 I ask Ben to wait in line for the apple fritters while I went to grab some Perogies.

 Dinner Special : 8 Cheddar & Potato Perogies w/ bacon, caramelized onion and sour cream for $4.50

 The Fritter Co. (@frittercompany)
This was the highlight of the day, this was super good and a MUST TRY ♥♥♥
Slices apples coated with batter, deep fried and cover with cinnamon sugar, it's the best breakfast that you can ever have (^_^) You will likely see a long line up especially around noon but it's definitely worth the wait.

Apples being peel non-stop

 We got one Dozen $8.50 and the 4 of us finish most of it. 
I bought home the last 3-4pcs and I have to say it doesn't taste as good anymore even after re-heating, so I would recommend to eat it fresh and it will be easy since it's so so good

Stone Baked Artisan Bread @ Stone Crock Bakery

Lot of pickled goodies, I end up getting a jar of the asparagus

Full of Beans Coffee Bar
This is just the cutest coffee shop, we just can't resist to get another cup of joe even after having a Venti on the drive up.

Got the Hot Italian and it was really delish

 I will be drowning you guys with picture here since I can't decide which one to choose since the bright veggies and fruits are just too pretty (^_^)

 Kitchen Kuttings Inc.
 ~ All-beef or beef-pork Summer Sausage smoke with maple and hickory wood

Mini Donuts but after the apple fritters, I think nothing can even compare

 Huge delicious Lemonade

A lot of the veggies are sold in bulk

Flea Market

very bland :(

 What I made at home with all the goodies we bought back (^_^)
Sauteed Mushroom

Sauteed Kale

If you are in the area, why not drop by T&J Seafood, we end up buying some mussels, cod and smoked salmon which was super good and affordable at $9.99/Lb

 Basil Cod w/ tomato parsley salad and beet pasta in a light creamy white wine sauce.
The pasta was bought at the Farmers' Market as well

Smoked Salmon w/ the leftover beet pasta

Hot Italian Sausage w/ Roasted Yellow Beet & Dill Yogurt Cucumber salad (I♥Beet)

Strawberry Balsamic Popsicle

Pork Loin w/ Spicy Cherry Parsley Salsa
(the receipt call for coriander which I don't eat, so I sub w/parsley)

Roasted Garlic, we were reluctant to but the garlic at $1.00-1.50 each since you can buy 6-8 for the same price in Supermarket. We did cave in and bought 2 at the end and oh my, it does make a difference. It was really huge and extra juicy fresh ;)

Verdict :
♥♥♥ Love it and will definitely go back soon 
Will probably eat that whole dozen of apple fritters by myself next time =P

Tips : 
~ Have a cooler ready in the car for the ride home and in case you want to browse the neighborhood
~ Go with friend(s) so that you can share all the goodies since a lot of veggies are sold in bulk
~ Be nice to mother nature and bring your own bags or a small trolley to carry everything in. Frankly you are doing yourself a favor since it will hurt your hand to haul all your purchase in plastic bags.
~ Make sure to drop by T&J Seafood afterwards to get some fresh, yummy and affordable seafood (highly recommend the smoked salmon)

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  1. I think I would like to try the Mushroom and Mussel, it seem quite tasty, and not easy to get fresh and good in HK.