Tuesday, July 28, 2015

老碗 Artisan Noodle [Chinese Noodle]

Pass by 老碗 Artisan Noodle a couple time and always sees a line up which make us curious about this tiny Chinese Noodle Shop on Yonge Street among all the ramen and Korean restaurants.

We arrive at lunch time on a Sunday and we only waited for about 15 minutes which was very reasonable considering the small space (probably around 12 seats) and most noodles are pulled to order. They serve hand made noodles from Shaanxi region and the place has a more hip and cool decor than most Chinese places with recycle expose wood interior.

He was pulling/flipping the noodle so quickly that I could barely capture it, I should have done a short video instead. With only a few seconds flip, their thick noodles are ready to cook.

招牌香辣土豆片夾饃 Potato Jia-Mo $3.99
~ House made soft Mo bread stuffed with sliced potato, marinated tofu, fresh tofu sheets and their signature spicy sauce
They also have a pork belly version that we'll have to try next time but we thought the potato/tofu version was interesting since we always have this type of bun with some sort of meat. We both like this especially the extra texture from the potato sheets but it's really not spicy at all.

油泼棒棒麵 Yo Po Biang Biang Mian $9.99
~ Hand-slapped and pulled ribbon noodles, stewed beef cubes, sautéed tomato fried egg and mixed vegetables topped with fine chopped scallion, ground garlic and ginger, finished in chili oil vinaigrette
Since it was so hot out and there was no AC we opted for this instead of the ones with broth/soup. Love the thick made to order noodles which had the perfect chewy texture and love all the colors here, finally a bowl of Chinese noodle that photograph well. Love the lighter side of this especially the tomato which was quite refreshing with the pop of flavor in each bite. Thought the veggies could be in smaller cubes and I really don't care about the beef cubes here which didn't do much. 

四川涼麵 Szechuan Cold Noodle $6.99
~ Szechuan cold noodle in house signature chili and Szechuan peppercorn sauce topped with ground garlic, ginger, fresh roasted crushed peanut, seasame seeds, sauté minced porka nd pcikled sprout, homemade signature peanut butter and sesame sauce, cucumber slices.
Wish it was more numbing spicy and there's really not much meat to it. This felt like something you will buy off the street in Asian dirt cheap.

Loved the thick hand made ribbon noodle but wish the space was a bit bigger.
Glad to have another good hand made Chinese noodle place apart from this one
Wish when they say spicy, it's actually more spicy
Will definitely go back to try their noodles with soup.

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