Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Wonderful Kitchen 十粥十 [Richmond Hill - Chinese/Hong-Kong]

 This is my second post of My Wonderful Kitchen 十粥十 (see first one here), had some interesting dishes so I thought I should share.

Fried Fish Skin $3.99
They totally increase their price from $2.95 to $3.99 but it's still worth it, it was even a bigger portion that I remember.

Spicy Sour Pork Bone Soup $3.50
I originally though it would be an individual pot for one person but it was a huge pot with over 6 bowl of soup, what an amazing deal. Love the Chinese pickled mustard greens with the slight spiciness, definitely open up your appetite. Don't let the red chili foul you cause it was more white pepper spicy, so don't worry if you can't eat spicy food.

With rice vermicelli, it was definitely quite filling.

Pumpkin & Char Siu Fried Rice 
Thought there wasn't enough pumpkin but the fried rice was done perfectly, just look at the perfectly coated individual grain.

Roasted Eel & Durian Fried Rice $12.99
Yes you read it right, durian in my fired rice... this was a new special of theirs and we saw it after ordering the previous one but we were too curious to let it pass, just had to try.
It smelled amazing and taste wise wasn't overwhelming with just enough of flavor and sweetness to the dish and goes surprisingly well with the eel. There's tiny bits of durain enveloped with rice, it was fun biting into it.

Once again totally impress with the quality given the affordable price.
Their fried rice was amazing and even if you are not into durian, you'll have to try their fried rice.
Heard their Cantonese crispy fried noodle are amazing as well, would definitely need to try next time.

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