Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hakata Shoryuken Ramen [Japanese]

Ben won a coupon for Hakata Shoryuken Ramen (@hakatashoryuken) and being the ramen addict that he is, he jsut had to try it out right away. I am also rather curious to check it out since there so many competition around and this one seems to be non-Japanese operated.

They offer Hakata style Tonkotsu Ramen which is is one of the richest tasting ramen. The broth are made in house and it takes over 12 hours to get all the flavors. I saw a video they posted on their facebook page here where they actually smash the bones to get all the flavors out.

It's only fitting that there's Street Fighter artwork at a place call Shoryuken (aka Ken's Rising Dragon Fist). Love the Ramen weilding characters.

Chashu Lover $13.00
(+$1.00 for Black Tonkotsu Broth $ $1.50 Egg)
The black tonkotsu broth was delicious and the chashu was fatty melt in your mouth goodness, it is very different from the other ramen places. It's more braised to perfection with soy flavor to it, no grilling here.

What's lacking was the noodle, I usually like mine very al-dente but this was slightly undercooked where you still get a bit of the flour texture.

Red Hot Tonkotsu $10.80
(+ $1.50 Egg & $ Fried Garlic)
Love how the chili paste are served on the side to add to your liking but it was more salty then spicy. With the broth so flavorful already, adding the paste make it way too salty and definitely not spicy at all. 

Broth is way too oily and noodles are underccok
Yummy chashu and Egg.
With all the ramen shop around, not sure if I'll come back anytime soon.

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