Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dark Horse [Coffee]

Dark Horse Espresso (@darkhorsecafe) moved to a brand new bigger location just a few steps away from the original location (see my old post here) late last year. This location replaced the original store where it all began 8 years ago.

Taking over the ground floor of a new condo building, the space is bright with huge windows. It combine the new industrial ceilings with more rustic vintage elements that reminds you of the old spot. Love the long communal wooden bar that runs almost the entire length of the room.

You may recognize this big communal table with the bolted diner stools from the old location, it looks much more appropriate in this larger high ceiling space. And I can't help but love the wood accent wall that accentuate the space and the huge Tom Dixon Studio Punch Ball Pendant light.

The coffee and baked goods haven't change and they are still using the same Mirage machine. But theu have also added pour over, Chemex and drips coffee at this location.


Would have loved to try their cold brew coffee but they were totally sold out that day.

Once again, the game seats from the old location.

Love the bigger and brighter space, will definitely come back to hand out.
And will have to try their new coffee offerings.

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