Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chef's Plate [Meal Kit]

You know I'm a fan of meal in a box concept especially since I never have time to go groceries shopping. I was lucky enough to be contacted by Chef's Plate (@chefsplateca) to try out their version.
They have the option of 2 Person Plan or a 4 Person Plan and for $10.95 per plate, it definitely cheaper than most take out.

All ingredients for each dish are provided pre-measured except basic like oil, salt and pepper. All the recipes include specialty ingredients uniquely sourced and developed by our Executive Chef Jason Rosso. Chef Rosso resume include being head chef at Sassafraz, co-hosting Restaurant Makeover, Mentor chef on Recipe to Riches and guess judge on Top Chef Canada. With that kind of resume, there's no doubt all the dishes will be tasty.

Curried Lamb Meatballs
This was the 4 person plan, which I got 2 sets of below ingredients.

Love meal in a box where I get to cook things that I usually wouldn't have made. I have never made meatball myself, never mind lamb ones but this was easy and tasty.

Look pretty good heh? 
It was tasty too, definitely one of the better tasting and easy recipe for meal-in-a-box .

I suggest anyone who doesn't really know how to cook to try this, no wondering what or how much to buy with easy step to step instructions and pre-measured ingredients.
Girls should get it for the man in their life who doesn't know how to cook **winkwink (^_<)

The people of Chef's Plate was kind enough to offer my readers with promo code KIKISBFF to receive 2 free plates (1 meal) at checkout on their first order.

*** This was complimentary. Opinions are my own***

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  1. Excellent food and value. I used promo social code: #2mealsFromCooking to get 4 free meals on my first order :)