Monday, November 9, 2015

Maha's [Egyptian] - Brunch

Maha's (@mahasbrunch) is an Egyptian brunch spot that I have been meaning to visit for a while but was discourage a few time when I saw the line up outside, this past weekend with the extra hour we finally went. No reservation but we waited for around 30-40 mins for a table of 2 at around 11am Sunday, a very reasonable wait time but be warned that the space is rather small, so I won't recommend for party of more than 4 people.

Love the little counter as we walk in, there's so many action going oh with the pastries, coffee and cashier. And the shelf that separate the front from the kitchen. With this type of wait, they should definitely consider expanding since the space next door is vacant.

Honey Cardamom Latte $4.95
This is their signature drink and I really don't know anywhere that serve this in Toronto. I generally do not like any added flavor to my coffee but this was delicious especially for the fall weather. You can see them grinding the cardamon for each order and the smell is just amazing. All the flavors are so well balanced. They also have Turkish coffee which I would love to try next time.

Foole $4
This was so delicious, this arrived piping hot and make sure to order this with a side of Pita $1 to scoop up all the goodness.

Cumin Home Fries $4
Thought it was not crispy enough and wish there was more cumin to it.

Pharaoh's Po'Boy $9
~ battered and deep fried baby shrimp in mini balady bread drizzled with tehina, fresh lime juice and parsley
Love love love this, no idea how the batter can be so flavorful which goes so well with the shrimp and tehina

Cairo Classic $12
~ tomatoes and onions fava beans, sliced boiled egg, a falafel, home-made tomato feta, charred balady bread and house greens
It says on their menu that it's the traditional breakfast dish in Cairo which you can find at every street corner. Wish this came a bit hotter but it was more room temperature and compare to the side of foole we had, this was over shadowed. Glad that I get to try their falafel and it was so delish, wish I ordered a few more on the side,

Make sure to go in to buy a cup of coffee while waiting, it makes it much more bearable.

Love it here but only wish there's a shorter wait
Would def come back to try more of the other item on the menu
Please make sure to try their Honey-Cardamon Latte (^_^)

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  1. Its worth the wait go early wonderful food wonderful atmosphere great Family so pleased they chose our part of the city to open up a restaurant ---- !!!! Phil L-D