Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pukka [New Menu Media Preview - Indian]

This is my 5th time at Pukka (@pukkatoronto) and that says a lot since I barely go back to restaurants that many time (see previous post here, here & here)

Food being delicious at Pukka is a known fact but this time around, what a huge improvement on the cocktails as well compare to the last few time I've been there. There was 4 feature cocktails for us to try that night.

Mumbai Sour
~ Bombay Sapphire, Aperol, grapefruit, cardamon bitters, egg white
Varanasi Sling
~ white rum, mango + cherry + orange liqueurs, almond, lime, pineapple juice
Lyte Martini
~ cachara, coconut liqueur, coconut water, lemongrass syrup
Pom Cosmo
~ vodka, pomegranate liqueur, pom juice, lime

And remember Pukka does amazing wine paring for all their dishes with Peter Boyd as their Sommelier. You would be surprise how well Indian food paired with wine. I personally think that white is better then red with the curries.

Okra Fries
~ mustard taita
These are so good that I can munch on them all night and I would be satisfied. With the batter, the okra doesn't have the usual amount of gluey-ness to it.

String Tikka
~ string vegetables, moong sprouts, rice crisps, pomegranate, mango, chutneys + yoghurt
A Pukka all time favorite, it's a must with all the ingredients packed into a bowl.

Herb-Infused Chicken Tikka
~ Tamarind Chutney
Not the best looking but trust me, packed with flavor and although it's chicken breast, it's super moist.

Tandoori Calamari
~ coconut chutney + citrus slaw
One of the new item on the menu, the calamari was very tender and love it with the coconut chutney.

Boatman's Fish + Prawn Curry
~ tamarind, mustard seeds + coconut brith
This was one of my favorite dish of the night, love the creamy balance curry flavor which didn't overwhelm the delicate fish and prawn flavor. Perfect with some basmati rice.

Pumpkin Curry
~ spicy home style curry
Was curious as to how pumpkin curry would taste like without meat of any sort but as I expected it was kind of bland and I wish the pumpkin was cooked a bit softer but I guess that would not be great looking presentation wise.

Beef Short Ribs
~ black cumin, garlic + ginger masala
Pukka introduce grass fed beef and it does make a difference, not only to the environment but also healthier animal and healthier meat for us in result. Delicious and with all that sauce, perfect with some rice.

Punjab Chicken Curry 
~ spicy home-style chicken curry
It's the one in the mini silver pot in the middle, this was probably the dish that packed the most heat the whole night with quite a bit of ginger in it. A lot of people associate Indian food to spiciness (heat) and ton of spices but I think it really depends on the area it comes from and I think Pukka is the perfect place for people who have low tolerance with more subtle level of spices and heat level than more Indian restaurant out there in Toronto.

And make sure to order sides of Basmati rice and naan with all the curry, I usually like to order both since I find some dishes goes better with rice and some with naan. I personally find stronger flavor and thicker sauce goes better with naan with the creamier tend to go with rice.

Chocolate Truffle, Chai Popcorn & Chai Tea
I wonder if they make their own chocolate, it was surprisingly delicious, Love the Chai flavor popcorn but wish the popcorn itself was crunchier.

Another amazing dinner at Pukka
What I like most about Pukka is the subtleness of the spices here and with flavors of different Indian regions thanks to the different origins of the culinary team.
Great menu update

***This meal was complimentary but opinions are my own***

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