Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie [French - Winterlicious 2016]

Seems like everyone have been to Cluny (@clunydistillery) except us, so I decided to try their Winterlicious Lunch menu which is only $23.

Have always love visiting Distillery District with some of my fave places, always need an excuse to drop by Izumi for some Ontario Sake tasting and Soma to replenish my chocolate stock.

Love the space especially the bread counter in the middle.

Assorted Pastries $9.50
This was a disappointment especially for a place that calls themselves a boulangerie. The croissant was not flaky or buttery, same goes to the scone which was also on the sweet side while there's really nothing special about the "cinnamon bun" which look more like a raisin roll. We only liked the bread which we could get it for free from the bread basket. And by the way, we didn't get our bread basket, so I guess since we ordered this they skip it.

French Press Coffee

Winterlicious Lunch $23 pp and we did one Beverage Pairing for $15.
I am glad that they offer cheap affordable Beverage pairing that include both wine and beer, it's smaller portion that usual but I find it perfect for a casual lunch. 

Barley & Red Lentil Soup
~ savory cabbage, labneh
Not very red for a red lentil soup but what I love is the amount of barley compare to lentils since i think it made it lighter especially for lunch as an appetizer. The savory cabbage was more like sauerkraut and with the labneh (yogurt), it was a tad over sour with the ratio to the soup.

White Truffle Brulé
~ potato focaccia, pear chutney 
 paired w/ La Fin du Monde Beer (3oz)
Paired with one of my favorite beer, how could I resist not to order this. Love the sweet chunky chutney with the creamy patĂ© which pairs perfectly with the malty slightly sweet and spicy finish of the beer. 

Chili Marinated Grilled Head of Prawns
~ Steel cut grits, rainbow chard
This totally made my day, love how they served it with the heads which was perfectly grilled and charred for perfect crispness and extra flavors, I basically chew through it (^_^).  Didn't expect the steel cut grits to be that chunky and it was a tad heavy and though it wasn't the perfect flavor combination with the prawns.... but the prawns was so good on it's own with the slight spiciness that I didn't even mind about the grits.

Baked French Cassoulet
~ Duck confit, Toulouse sausage, white beans, herb crust
 paired w/ 14 Cotes du Rhone, Ogier (5oz)
Not the best presentation but this was warm and delicious, served extra hot with perfectly the crispy herb crust which was my favorite part, just had to have some on every bite. Couldn't really taste the duck confit but the sausage was very delicious and love the sauce.

Bittersweet Chocolate Macaron
~ Cassis sorbet, torched vanilla meringue
Love the tart cassis sorbet with the bitter dark chocolate here, especially since it lighten up the thick chocolate ganache of the macaron.

Poire William Sorbet
paired w/ 13 Riesling, Big Head "Late Harvest" (1oz)
Love the honey preserved lemon of the Late Harvest ending with a slightly refreshing acidity, paired so well with the intense pear sorbet flavor.

Love all the cute plates they have.

...oh and the tiles ♥♥♥
note to self, need wear pretty shoe next time for a shoe/floor pic

I am surprise at how much we liked the Winterlicious menu.
More places should do more affordable Beverage Pairing like Cluny here
Although the place was packed, service was great.
Saw their Burger and would definitely like to come back to try.

Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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