Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Shoushin [Japanese /Sushi]

Finally a true authentic Japanese Sushi restaurant in midtown Toronto,  Shoushin (@Shoushinca) was named by many of my friends as the best new Japanese restaurant. So we decided to spend our Christmas Eve there, me and Ben always prefer Asian cuisine for those holidays without the higher price tag.

We decided on the $120 six-course Omakase tasting menu while we would love to splurge on the $250 eight-course but we are on a budget (also have a $80 5-course). Menu doesn't tell you much since the selection changes daily depending on what's fresh with so many items imported directly from Japan.

Appetizer Trio
These was delicious, can I have full serving for each of them?! Love the tart seaweed bowl which totally open up my appetite for the meal ahead. Next the miso beans and the candy goodness of the salmon ♥♥♥

Sashimi Platter

No meal is complete with a cold bottle of sake and love their small but good selection. We especially love the sake carafe/bottle they pour the sake in, it keeps the sake cold all night long althought not sure how?

Lobster Dumpling
Soy Milk Skin wrapped lobster tie with sea kelp paired with a sweet potato "fan", snap peas and king oyster mushroom in a sweet flavorful bonito broth. 

Lamb Meatball
Love the simplicity of this, letting the natural lamb flavor shine through and nothing overpowering before the sushi course ahead.

Love sitting at the sushi bar as usual where sushi are served one by one, also love the chefs in action and nothing beats watching them cut fish at record speed and pressing the sushi. I personally thought their rice was a little bit too hot to my liking, it's normally more room temperature (NOT cold) but there's was slightly warm which throw me off a bit and took away the fresh fish taste although that's only my personal opinion, 

I personally like uni (sea urchin) a lot but they top it off with Yuzu juice and rind which I thought was a tiny bit overpowering. The hand roll is one of the highlight of the night with the supper crispy flavorful nori (dried seaweed wrap). 

Love how they end the meal with a sweet piece of Tamago (Japanese Omelette).

Matcha Pudding 
~ w/ red bean sauce & Mochi

Matcha Mousse
This was a collaboration dessert with Butter Avenue (@ButterAvenue) which is just across the street.
Love all the matcha and green tea selection, perfect ending to a Japanese meal. Love how it's not very sweet and light.

Will definitely be back, loved everything maybe except the slightly warm rice
Service was great and very reasonably priced, wish they have more affordable set lunches when I don't feel like splurging.
Glad that there's finally a place with both good sushi and "hot dishes"

Shoushin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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