Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie [French - Winterlicious 2016]

Seems like everyone have been to Cluny (@clunydistillery) except us, so I decided to try their Winterlicious Lunch menu which is only $23.

Have always love visiting Distillery District with some of my fave places, always need an excuse to drop by Izumi for some Ontario Sake tasting and Soma to replenish my chocolate stock.

Love the space especially the bread counter in the middle.

Assorted Pastries $9.50
This was a disappointment especially for a place that calls themselves a boulangerie. The croissant was not flaky or buttery, same goes to the scone which was also on the sweet side while there's really nothing special about the "cinnamon bun" which look more like a raisin roll. We only liked the bread which we could get it for free from the bread basket. And by the way, we didn't get our bread basket, so I guess since we ordered this they skip it.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

MeNami [Japanese Udon House & Sake Bar]

MeNami (@menamitoronto) means Little Tide in Japanese and Udon, the Little White Tide of the Ocean. MeNami Udon House and Sake Bar is definitely a udon house but not so sure about the sake part with only barely a dozen to choose from, wish they offer more variety.

NeNami is the first traditional Udon House in Ontario, made fresh in house everyday and just this past long weekend, they have been sold out and had to close for several hours just to make a fresh batch. Owner Chae Kim even send Chef Kevin Shin to journey to Japan to learn all about Udon. The Udon machine came directly from Kagawa Japan, the udon are made in the basement of the restaurant where the temperature and moisture must be kept constant to maintain it's texture.

Convention Roasted Pork Belly $11
~ Pork Belly, Dry Rub, Pickled Onion, Shiso Spring Mix
I was totally disappointed when I saw it and I wasn't wrong cause it tasted as dry as it looked and I thought there was a bit too much of the dry rub which left a layer of it in your mouth.

Black Sesame Puree Udon w/ Beef $15
~ Beef, Schichimi, Green Onion, Red Pepper Thread, Baby Spinach
Love how they incorporate western style sauce and method with the traditional Japanese noodle, like cream sauces you would normally see with pasta.
Love the sesame sauce here which is on the sweet side while the heat from the red pepper thread and schichimi powder balance it out. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Shoushin [Japanese /Sushi]

Finally a true authentic Japanese Sushi restaurant in midtown Toronto,  Shoushin (@Shoushinca) was named by many of my friends as the best new Japanese restaurant. So we decided to spend our Christmas Eve there, me and Ben always prefer Asian cuisine for those holidays without the higher price tag.

We decided on the $120 six-course Omakase tasting menu while we would love to splurge on the $250 eight-course but we are on a budget (also have a $80 5-course). Menu doesn't tell you much since the selection changes daily depending on what's fresh with so many items imported directly from Japan.

Appetizer Trio
These was delicious, can I have full serving for each of them?! Love the tart seaweed bowl which totally open up my appetite for the meal ahead. Next the miso beans and the candy goodness of the salmon ♥♥♥

Sashimi Platter

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Peter Pan Bistro [French/British - Winterlicious 2016]

I loved our Summerlicious dinner (blog post here) at Peter Pan Bistro (@peterpanbistroso much that we decided to come back for Winterlicious (@LiciousTO.

One of my favorite thinks at Peter Pan was the roasted Garlic with their bread, not so good on date night but so stinky tasty.

Lamb Sweetbread Sausage w/ Kale
Got this on top of the prix fixe, this sounded too good for us to pass and it was indeed our favorite dish of the night. This was perfect paired with the peppery flavor of the Durham Black Katt Stout that Ben ordered.

Winterlicious Dinner 3-Course Prix Fixe $35pp

Mussels on Toast
~ Sea Asparagus and Leeks
What a generous portion for an appetizer, this was perfect 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Living Room at Windsor Arms [Winterlicious 2016]

I was lucky enough to be invited to The Living Room inside Windsor Arms (@windsorarms) for their Winterlicious (@LiciousTO) menu preview. More popular for their high tea and brunch, many do not know about Windsor Arms' lunch and dinner options.

Love the big comfy chairs and sofa, perfect for lounging with a drink and a couple of friends.

$28 for Lunch & $45 for Dinner Winterlicious Prix-Fixe Menu

Wild Mushroom Velouté & Black Trumpet Mushroom Croquette
Smell extremely good and pack with intense mushroom flavors.

Lobster Bisque

Crispy Calamari w/ Heirloom Tomato Salsa
Very lightly battered and tender, only wish it had some sort of sauce/dip with it. This is one of the starter from their Winterlicious Lunch menu and what a large portion.