Friday, October 29, 2010

Gourmet Cookies

Read a review of The Cravory, an online gourmet cookie stores, hearing they have a Bacon Pancake cookies....I just can't resist to check it out and get some for my bf....
On the website it will seems that they don't ship to Canada but just send them a email to place the order and they will gladly send you a paypal receipt. I bought the 2 Dozen Mix Special which I can pick 4 of their signature cookies.

Ok, these cookies are not cheap....$48 for 2 dozen plus $19 shipping = $67 total but come to think of it, it's only $2.79 each... which is quite resonable if you compare to the ones you get a the cafe in downtown. That was my reasoning behind this expensive purchase =P

When I received the package, it was super heavy which explain the $19 shipping fee.

Oatmeal Pear Fig, Lemon Cherry Basil, Savory Rosemary Balsamic and of course the Pancake & Bacon =P

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Stockyards smokehouse&larder

The Stockyards opened last year is an unassuming barbecue restaurant specializing on southern-style slow cooked meat. I have been in search for good ribs in T.O for a while and have always wanted to try Stockyards but they only have ribs on Tuesday, Friday & Sunday starting at 5pm, which are sold out fast. So due to the continuous bad timing  I haven't been until this Tuesday.... OMG, I would say it's the best ribs you can get in Toronto.... THE BEST RIBS IN TORONTO !!!

We started with their home-made Limeade (infused with mint) and Ice tea (w/ lemon & ginger)... I didn't like the ice tea at all cause the ginger taste is way too strong but the Limeade was great, very sour and it just open up your stomach for all the meat to come =P

We order a whole rack @ $25... just looking at it make you drool =P
 The ribs itself was crispy on the outside, full of flavor and fall off the bone smokiness goodness .... and it's served with their South Carolina Style vinegar red pepper sauce which is not as sweet as most bbq sauces out there, with just enough tang and spiciness which I fell in love ♥ So good that it deserve 3 extra large pics..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Table 17

          I've been in the Leslieville area all summer, me & Ben would go down for Brunch every other Sunday and of course to pay my visit to Ed's Real Scoop ~ btw, if you haven't been, go try their Burnt Marshmallow Ice Cream & Red Hot Chile Chocolate Gelato, I swear it's the best in Toronto.

           While in the area, I've pass by Table 17 a lot of times wondering if it's any good, then a Groupon deal for $25 for $50 coupon came up and after doing some research, read some reviews, I decided to give it a try.

           As soon as I walk in I liked the atmosphere, I've always prefer those little cozy restau compare to the more high-end big name restaurant. There was a huge serving table in the center where all the bread, oil, pepers and cutlery... and also love the wood panel wall =P


We start with their Charcuterie Board  and at $15 it came with 4 different kind of meat and it's serve with the most delicious Black Current Mustard, I bet I can finish a whole loft of bread just with that =P But the meat itself is really nothing special, my fav is still Black Hoof's.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lotion Potion, My Magic Potions

When I tell my friends that I have acne problems they don't believe me. Since I was 13 or 14, I've been going to a dermatologist due to severe acne. I would keep getting pimples on my T zone to the point that it hurts and will have to have medicine pump directly into the pimple using a syringe to make it die down. And the continuous use of prescription topical medications which tends to be very harsh, leaving your skin dry and flacky.

Even so many years later you would think that I should be fighting winkles and fine lines instead of acne.... it's not true, it does persist... I have to keep on using some product to keep it acne free (ok one or two during that time of month doesn't count) which include birth control pills.

One thing that I stick with are Neutrogena's product which include the Oil-Free Acne Wash (middle) that I've been using since 13 when they only had the bar soap at the time. I also love their Moisture Oil-Free Spf 15 which is the only day moisturizer that I can use during Summer that I won't break out and of course they also have some extra powerful SPF sunscreens. If you don't like the thick consistency of most sunscreen as I do, please try their UltraSheer Water-Light daily face sunscreen which is SPF 60. And btw, a SPF 100 Sunscreen this year came out this year, I think it's the only drugstore brand that you could get such high SPF. I have also been using their Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sunscreen this summer when I spend hours on the patio =D Even my boyfriend is converted, he'll either use my Acne wash or the Neutrogena MEN's Face Wash and Shave Cream. I first bought these 2 bottles (right) for him during a buy one get one free promotion and only after the first use, he rush back to stock up on 2 extra sets.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Curly or Long ?!?

 My first product reviews....I recently bought some Foam Hair Rollers Curlers and 21" Clip on Hair Extension on ebay  here and here.

I used to curl my hair with a curling iron quite often a few years ago but it damaged my hair so bad that I quit and only do it for special occasion. Recently I bought some Foam Hair curlers on ebay and I try it this Saturday. Since I don't have a lot of hairs, one pack of six was just enough. I just use it on wet hair and let it air dry finishing with a fair amount of hair spray. It was very easy, I can have it on while I dress and do my make up... if you are real quick and finish before your hair is dry, you could speed up the process with a hair dryer... 

Here's the instruction at the back, it's pretty simple... at least won't get burn by a hot curling iron, which I do all the time, so clumsy >__<

Sushi Couture

My first post will be about one of my favorite food, Japanese. It's the recently open Sushi Couture, it's chef Ken, formerly of Japango which is one of my go to places for good sashimi and sushi in Toronto.So I didn't waste any time and went there 2 weeks ago. I can say it's basically a copy of Japango, most items are identical at a fraction of the cost; same good quality sashimi, same items and presentations. We originally was planning to get $60 Omakase but we were told that we should order ahead at the time of reservation. So the 2 of us order only one set of $39 Omakase as suggested by the server (same one from Japango) instead of 1 set each and some other regular items from the menu.Since they don't have liquor license, there's no sake for us and our bill end up being under $70 which if usually half of what we usually spend at Japengo.

Omakase 1st Course:
Manila Clam Soup (picture above)
~Fresh Asari (Manila clams), sake-steamed served in a flavorful broth. We order this from the day's special menu, but we were then told that it's the first course for our Omakase.The clams were perfectly cooked, not at all rubbery and they had a very clean flavour but yet you can still taste the Sake.

Sushi Couture Roll
The server recommended their signature roll. There's really nothing special about it except for the maki sauce on top which is broiled, then torched again It's much heavier than your normal rolls but it was very flavorful.... just give you a warm feeling.