Wednesday, January 16, 2013

JaBistro - Part 2 [Japanese]

Went back to JaBistro (@JaBistro222) again by end of December since was craving for more of their yummy sushi (see my last post here) and thought I would share with you more food porn (^_^) which mean this will be a quick post.

Ryozeki Yamahai Sake, Akita $80
It have a smokey flavor with a long finish

Snack ~ Today's Bite $7
~ Pork Belly, Bruschetta & Smoked Salmon
Thought both the pork belly and smoked salmon was delicious, the bruschetta topping was less than impressive plus the bread was just too try and slice way too thin

Saba ~ Cured Mackerel  $15

Kyukoyu $55pp
Japanese pickled veggies sides

Sea Bream

Semi-fatty Salmon 

Japanese Saba

 Geoduck w/ just a dash of lemon on top



 Black Snow Seaperch w/ Fish Liver Sauce



 Bluefin Tuna Maki Roll

Matcha Puff $10
~ sesame custard cream, whipped cream, black honey
This was sold out last time and I didn't get to have it, so just had to try it.... and OMG, even their dessert are good :)

Complimentary Infused Sake 
~ Coconut Lemongrass & Moonstone Asian Pear
We both didn't really like either, we prefer the traditional sake =P

Verdict :
Just as good as last time

See 1st post here

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