Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rose and Sons

Come this time of year when it get dark so early I prefer to go for a more satisfying lunch/brunch instead of dinner. So we decided to head to Rose and Sons (@Roseandsons), the newly open diner by Anthony Rose, the ex-chef of the Drake Hotel for brunch this past Saturday.

The space was bright, inviting and unpretentious just like their food. Made up of a few communal booths and bar stools, with white tiled wall and a long mirror to give illusion of a bigger space (heard there'll be a patio come summer which will double the seating)

With the tiny open kitchen at the front, the yummy smells just envelop you as soon as you walk in (^_^)

We sat at teh bar but the space was so tight there's no leg room even for the 6ft7 me (>_<)

 Grapefruit Juice $4 & Kensington Augusta Ale (one of our new fave local beer)

 Bread Pudding-wild blueberry $8 + side of Bacon $4
I tried a bite of the bread pudding on it's own first but thought it was a tad too sweet for me, but was just perfect with the bacon. The bread pudding was so moist soft and custard-y which goes perfectly with the thicker bacon... love both the contrast of flavor and texture here, so good *nomnom

Roast Pork & Egg Sandwich Melt $13
~ sour pickle, fried onions, cherry jam
Everthing from the bread to the jam is so perfect together... I am no a big fan of breakfast brunch food like eggs and bacon, so this is just the perfect brunch dish for me. Just thinking back make me crave for one right now =P

Duck Confit - grits $14
~ poached egg, green sauce
Fall off the bone gooness with a slightly sweet grits and the perfectly poached egg. I love the green sauce which tasted sort of like the green onion ginger sauce for Chinese BBQ chicken, perfect with the duck and grits. Love the extra grainy texture of the grits mix together with the poached egg but wish it was slightly less sweet but otherwise perfect.

Verdict :
Loved everything we had and can't wait to go back to try the rest of teh menu especially
the Patty Melt who had everyone raving.
Ultimate fancy dinner style comfort food.
Great Friendly Service & Great Food

PS : They take reservation for Dinner and do take-out

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  1. Replies
    1. cinnamin : Loved everything here although it was rather small, but def must try :)

  2. I think I would like to try the Duck confit, it seems quite tasty...........

  3. Is this owned by chinese? if not, how a Buddha would be put there?

    1. They are not Chinese, that's why they used it as a beer tap.