Monday, January 14, 2013

Saving Grace

 I finally made my way to Saving Grace for a late brunch back in December and only decided to go in because there wasn't a line which is quite often (usually 1/2 to 1 hour wait). We were told that there will be a table soon and was ask to sit down within 5mins but then we were told that the table was taken by someone else... so we were back by the door and then we were ask if we had our name on the clipboard that was hanging by the front door... why weren't we told when we came in?!? Good thing there was a few table leaving since some people apparently came back with their name already on the clipboard... let's just said if there was a longer wait I would have left.

 The menu consists of a variety of egg dishes, French Toast, sandwiches and salads w/ some special on the blackboard, more or less a variation of the regular menu.

They were really good at refilling coffee, we probably end up have 2-3 cups each

 French Toast w/ caramelized bananas & maple syrup $4.50 for 1/2 order
 After having a bite of this I regretted immediately of not ordering the full order of this, this was so amazingly good ♥♥♥ I loved how they use baguette and how it was only lightly washed with egg instead of being soaked with a custardy texture.. great flavorful bread and light enough to let the caramelized banana be the start.

Rajastani Eggs $10
~ scrambled with spicy red onion, tomato, chickpea masala, spicy paratha
I didn't like the paratha (the wrap) at all, found it too thick and dry for my liking while I did enjoy the rest of the dish

Open Omlette $12
~ chevre. apple chutney, bacon, arugula 
Ben opted for one of the special from the board w/ a side of breakfast sausage $3
  Love the combination of flavor here, the sweet apple chutney, creamy chevre cheese, the salty bacon and top off with a slight bitterness of arugula was perfect. Not sure if they make their own bread but really love their baguette here.

Rum Raisin Coconut Cookie $2.50
This was one expensive small cookie but it was very very good with a very strong rum flavor (you-can-get-drunk-if-u-eat-more-strong)... yummmmm ;)

 It was pretty empty by the time we leave

Verdict :
although we had a little hiccup with the table at the beginning, we really enjoyed our brunch but I don't think I'll ever wait in line for it.
If I ever come back, I will order a full order of the french toast for myself (no sharing)

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  1. The french toast look amazingly delicious just from the photo! I would really like some now! hahahah