Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Le Bremner (Montreal)

Le Bremner (@lebremnermtl) was plan B because Garde-Manger was fully booked months in advance. Both are celebrity chef Chuck Hughes's (@chucksdayoff) restaurants. There's no signage whatsoever and if I didn't have the address, I would easily walk by thinking it was a nightclub.

It have a very warm and cozy atmosphere and love the old bare brick walls.

 Vintage-y  looking chandelier above our table
We only had a bottle of white to share since we still need to drive back to t.o.
The Holy Hot Sauce wasn't all that spicy =P

The Breadstick was very cruchy and yummy with the coarse salt

Raw Scallop and Foie Gras "torchon" $25
The thinly sliced scallops and paired surprisingly well with the foie gras torchon on top

Kimchee Snow Crab with Crispy Rice Cake $22
 The crispy rice cake was a nice switch from the usual crostini and it had a chew with a wonderful nuttiness like the rice at the bottom of bibimbap. It was then topped with a crab and kimchi mixture w/ mayo, a touch  of ciracha and lemon confit which make it bright and zingy. It was a surprise that how well the flavor balance out since I am usually not fan of Asian fusion.

 Shrimp and Cornbread $15
The cornbread was just melt in your mouth good with the thick creamy flavorful sauce but I wasn't a fan of the shrimp which was sort of bland and flavourless.

Hake & Clam with Maple Dashi $30
This was probably my fave main of the night although I can't justified the price for this tiny portion.
It was cook in a white wine and butter sauce, love how light yet flavorful it was so you can taste the sweetness of the fish and clams.

 Salmon with Crab Bearnaise $29
I usually do not like cooked salmon but this was delicious with the outer layer crispy while the inner part is way undercook which gives a smoother and silkier texture (I find cooked salmon dry)

Seafood Cabbage Roll $26
This was actually recommended by quite a few reviews online, so I decided to give it a try but found it rather bland and had a rather meaty overall texture

Skatefish and Pork Belly w/ Pear Mostarda $35
I only try a very small piece of this but it was really delicious, the fish is cook just as well as the pork belly and it goes together very well

Fried Rice & Crispy Sweetbread $30
Although nothing beats kimchi fried rice with egg, the sweetbread here was below average with rather thick batter and slightly over cooked

The Beignets 
Nothing special about the mini doughnuts but it was made fresh and was served hot

The Pancakes
Yes pancakes as dessert for dinner (^_^) and this was the best tasting one I have ever had.... I don't know what but it's just so delicious, fluffy and decadent. We decided to share dessert but this was so good that we end up ordering a 2nd.
A girl can't be happier to end our Montreal trip with this and definitely felt cozy and warm on our ride home (^_^)

Verdict :
 Although not as epic as our dinner the previous night at Au Pied de Cochon here, it was still a very delicious meal.
Wish I could have met Chuck Hughes but will try to plan ahead and get reservation
 at Garde-Manger next time.
Love the warm and friendly atmosphere here, although not a lot of seatings it was very spacious.

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  1. The frnt door make me think about vampire, but the food seems very good, especially the Seafood Cabbage Roll, Skatefish and Pork Belly w/ Pear Mostarda and the Pancakes...........