Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gusto 101

I just realize that I never posted my visit to Gusto 101 (@gusto101TO)  and it was back in August last year. I came here the previous week with a wait time of 2 hours, so we left a came back at a much earlier time. This is probably the busiest restaurant I have been so far, reservation online were only available for 5:30 or late 10:30.

It has two fabulous patios in full sun all day long, one at the front and a rooftop patio. Once a car garage, it is now a shell of the original with a very cool feel to it.

Although I love the interior here, we opted for the patio to enjoy the very last hot sunny days...

Love the re-usable brown "paper" bag 

Mozzarella Bufala $15.50
~ Tomato, basil oil, parmigiano crisp, smoked paprika, arugula
It was very refreshing and especially loved the basil oil with the mozzarella. Perfect for patio weather and even better with my glass of cold white wine ;)

 Polipo $14.50
~ Char grilled octopus, olive tapenade, green beans, basil oil, citrus emulsion
This was perfectly cook, love the charred outer layer while the inside was cook just right. It was very tender, moist and flavorful.

Rigatoni Lucani $14.95
~ shredded braised lamb, fresh herbs, shaved peperocino
Although we loved both our appetizers, we were not impress with our mains. This was good but really nothing memorable that I would go back to.

Brick Chicken
This was one of their special that day, don't remember much how it tasted apart from how dry it was (>_<)


Passionfruit Mousse $4.95
 ~ macerated strawberries, spiced biscotti
 S'more Pudding $4.95
~ maple graham crumble, chocolate creme, toasted marshmallow
I didn't like either of them, good thing it was tiny.

Private dinning area in the basement

Verdict :
We love both our appetizers and we saw quite a few other one that we would like to try.
But both main and dessert was a disappointment.
I will definitely come back in summer time and just order a lot of the appetizers plus wine ;)

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