Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sharon Garden BBQ & Grill

Sharon Garden recently open near our house on Victoria Park Ave & McNicoll Ave and it the sister location of one of my fave Korean Restaurant Song Cook's (see my post here). I already have been twice since December.

Same decor as Song Cook's

Just as Song Cook's, they don't serve you as much side dishes as other Korean restaurant and I would say that's the only down side. But I do love their Kimchi here which is not very spicy or sour at all.
Love how they serve you the whole big piece and you can cut it yourself.

Ja Jang Myun
~ veggies, beef and black bean sauce on noodles
Same as Song Cook's and definitely still the best in Toronto. See my previous comment here and it's definitely a must order ♥

Bi Bim Bap
This is a perfect bowl of stone pot rice with so much veggies on top... I would say the same amount of rice and topping

 with the perfect crispy crust at the bottom.. on of my fave thing to eat in the world ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Kam Ja Tang
This is one of the dish that I would not recommend ordering here, their pork bone soup is not very spicy at all and not the type of bone that I like (very dry, no soft bone or fatty part to nibble on). 
But I do like the amount of bean sprout the put on top, not only does it look pretty but also because I like it in a spicy dishes.

Korean Sweet & Spicy Chicken
This was not that good compare, the sauce was way too thick and gooyee while the fried chicken is not crispy anymore

 Spicy Sauce Pork Ribs
There was a choice of regular sweet Korean BBQ sauce and spicy sauce... and of course we order the spicy one but when it came it was rather sweet than spicy so I'm guessing they gave us the wrong one but it was very good nonetheless, it was super tender and flavorful and love how it is served on a mini charcoal grill

There was another room on the side with this sign, I would expect it to be for lunch during weekdays with a more limited lunch menu (aka quicker service).

Verdict :
I think you have to now what to order here, a lot of their dishes are really good 
although there's some misses.
The Ja Jang Myun and Bi Bim Bap are must try here.
And I'll def come back for the cold buckwheat noodle here since Song Cook's one is my fave.

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