Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Guu Izakaya

Guu Izakaya (@GuuToronto) remain my fave izakaya in Toronto but I just realize that I never did a post on it . A lot of my friends find it way too noisy with all the Japanese shout-greetings but I find it adds to the ambiance of the place... it make it alive, a happy place for me  (^_^)

Ben's highschool friend came back over the long weekend from Ottawa and he was craving for Japanese food and Ben thought of Guu and who am I to argue... he loved it and said that he wish they have something like that back in Ottawa.

And of course we have to start with Bamboo Sake $19 and for that price, I was surprise at the quality and the size.

Takowasabi $3.8
~ marinated octopus w/ wasabi stem
All you need to do is to wrap the octopus with the nori (dry seaweed)

Black Cod Taco $4.2
~ w/ tartar & teriyaki sauce
It was a rather large taco w/ pieces of deep fried cod, wish the taco was smaller so that each person can have their own. We had to cut this into halves... There was also way too much sauce, especially the tartar sauce which overwhelmed the fish own flavor and was extremely messy to eat.

Karaage $6.8
~ deep fried soy-sauce marinated chicken w/ garlic mayo
This is a must at any izakaya I think, perfect with beer or sake.... but thought this time's presentation was lacking sparingly spread on a square plate like that although it tasted really good.

Ikapiri $6.5
~ deep fried calamari w/ spicy ketchup & wasabi mayo
Everything taste good with ketchup right?!? And it's spicy ketchup which is even better ;)

Kabocha Korokke $5
~ deep fried kabocha pumpkin croquette w/a boiled egg inside
Our friends thumb posing for me?! lol!!
Somehow I always love this presentation with the wooden knife stab into the croquette 

Ebimayo $7.8
~ deep fried prawn w/ spicy mayo

Tontoro $6.5
~ pan fried pork cheek w/ salt & yuzu pepper

2nd Round, Guu'd Sake $20 for the 300ml bottle and our friend wanted it hot which I prefer not since it tends to ruin the sake flavor.

Gomaae $3.8
~ blanched spinach w/ black sesame sauce

Takoyaki $5
~ octopus balls w/ tonkatsu sauce & karashi mayo
This is one of the best takoyaki you can get in t.o. w/ a super creamy centre and at $5 it's a deal

Gyu Tongue $6.5
~ grilled beef tongue w/ salt
This was slightly overdone for me, not as moist and melt in your mouth as it should be but love the touch of mustard on the side which brighten up the flavor.

Miso Gyoza Hot Pot $5.8

Hotate Carpaccio $6.8
~hokkaido scallop sashimi w/ wasabi dressing

Okonomiyaki $6.8
~ Japanese pancake w/squid, tonkatsu sauce & karashi mayo
Crispy outside and a super creamy inside.

Sapporo Pitcher $17.9

for 5 people

Verdict :
♥ it as much as my first visit & coming here always put me in a good mood.
They started to take reservation, so no more long wait... all the more reason to come here more often.

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