Monday, February 25, 2013

Mom's Chicken (Galleria Supermarket)

Justine aka Foodigatorj highly recommended that I try Galleria Supermarket's Mom's Chicken which is only available at the Toronto Branch. I probably go there 2-3 times a month to stock up on Korean Noodles and Kimchi, so it was no brainer for us.

A whole Chicken cost around $20 (also available in 1/2) and takes 30 minutes to make, so I'll recommend ordering it as soon as you get there and do your shopping while you wait.

 We decided to eat it there as lunch and the 2 of us can barely finish the 1/2 Chicken.

You get to choose between regular and spicy.... we ordered spicy but it was very mild, the pieces are very huge which made it rather messy to eat. I would def bring it home to eat next time and would be perfect with a glass of beer or Makkoli (Korean rice wine).
You can actually watch how it's made at the open kitchen... it's coated with a seasoned flour and water mixture and deep fried for at least 15 minutes. Then it is toss very generously in a gochujang (Korean spicy red pepper paste)  mixture / sauce.

It came with a side of vinegar pickled radish (Korean version of slaw / celery stick) which was very cooling and refreshing after eating the sticky saucy chicken.

Verdict :
♥♥♥ Crunchy, moist and recklessly sauced goodness ♥♥♥
I'll def be back for more but for take out this time.
Would have prefer if it was just chicken wings since the breast section was not as fatty =P
(I do prefer dark meat)

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  1. re: "prefer wings since breast was not as fatty" - you are too awesome :D nicely said.

  2. Mmmm... You are giving me a mad hankering for Korean Fried Chicken/The OTHER KFC. I've only ever tried Ajuker & one of several uncles' home-cooked pigouts. So deliriously fun to eat yet so disastrous to the waistline & digestive system. LOLZ. Must all the yummy stuff be so evil/harder to digest than titanium & McDonald's french fries put together? Tsk, tsk. As usual, I always enjoy your reviews & all the places you recommend are dynamite, so MAJOR KUDOS to you!

    1. Thanks Suji for the continious support ♥♥♥
      So good ;)

  3. This looks amazing. May I ask how much the half chicken was? it look's like a lot in your pic!

    1. Jane: I don't really remember but I thinks it's $14 something