Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Day [OOTD]

What did you do on that Snow Storm Friday?! Spend hours commuting? Ploughing?! Me, I took a day off and stay home warm and toasty enjoying a few movies (^_^)

This was the day after the huge snow storm but it was surprisingly warm, I didn't even need the cape and gloves after.... and even sort of regretted of wearing my snow boots since it was so hot.

I totally forgot my sunnies and that's why all the pics here, I wasn't looking at the camera at all.
Sort of a school girl look with a twist from the leather looking skirt, the pom pom gloves to add a bit of fun and the red bag for a bit of color.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Guu Izakaya

Guu Izakaya (@GuuToronto) remain my fave izakaya in Toronto but I just realize that I never did a post on it . A lot of my friends find it way too noisy with all the Japanese shout-greetings but I find it adds to the ambiance of the place... it make it alive, a happy place for me  (^_^)

Ben's highschool friend came back over the long weekend from Ottawa and he was craving for Japanese food and Ben thought of Guu and who am I to argue... he loved it and said that he wish they have something like that back in Ottawa.

And of course we have to start with Bamboo Sake $19 and for that price, I was surprise at the quality and the size.

Takowasabi $3.8
~ marinated octopus w/ wasabi stem
All you need to do is to wrap the octopus with the nori (dry seaweed)

Black Cod Taco $4.2
~ w/ tartar & teriyaki sauce
It was a rather large taco w/ pieces of deep fried cod, wish the taco was smaller so that each person can have their own. We had to cut this into halves... There was also way too much sauce, especially the tartar sauce which overwhelmed the fish own flavor and was extremely messy to eat.

Karaage $6.8
~ deep fried soy-sauce marinated chicken w/ garlic mayo
This is a must at any izakaya I think, perfect with beer or sake.... but thought this time's presentation was lacking sparingly spread on a square plate like that although it tasted really good.

Ikapiri $6.5
~ deep fried calamari w/ spicy ketchup & wasabi mayo
Everything taste good with ketchup right?!? And it's spicy ketchup which is even better ;)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Mom's Chicken (Galleria Supermarket)

Justine aka Foodigatorj highly recommended that I try Galleria Supermarket's Mom's Chicken which is only available at the Toronto Branch. I probably go there 2-3 times a month to stock up on Korean Noodles and Kimchi, so it was no brainer for us.

A whole Chicken cost around $20 (also available in 1/2) and takes 30 minutes to make, so I'll recommend ordering it as soon as you get there and do your shopping while you wait.

 We decided to eat it there as lunch and the 2 of us can barely finish the 1/2 Chicken.

You get to choose between regular and spicy.... we ordered spicy but it was very mild, the pieces are very huge which made it rather messy to eat. I would def bring it home to eat next time and would be perfect with a glass of beer or Makkoli (Korean rice wine).
You can actually watch how it's made at the open kitchen... it's coated with a seasoned flour and water mixture and deep fried for at least 15 minutes. Then it is toss very generously in a gochujang (Korean spicy red pepper paste)  mixture / sauce.

It came with a side of vinegar pickled radish (Korean version of slaw / celery stick) which was very cooling and refreshing after eating the sticky saucy chicken.

Verdict :
♥♥♥ Crunchy, moist and recklessly sauced goodness ♥♥♥
I'll def be back for more but for take out this time.
Would have prefer if it was just chicken wings since the breast section was not as fatty =P
(I do prefer dark meat)

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Checked + Bling [OOTD]

 Bought another statement necklace and thought I would dress it down with a casual flannel checked shirt but carry the girly element with my fave black tutu.

 I wore this to brunch / shopping date with the girls.

Love my Nike Tonal Dunk High Top Wedge Sneaker, this is my 3rd pair of wedge sneaker by by far the comfiest.... I think I am addicted to it and can't wait for it to get warmer so I can wear these all the time instead of the boring winter boots.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fahrenheit Coffee

Have heard so many good things about Fahrenheit (@FahrenheitTO) on twitter and I finally tried it a few weeks ago. Serving excellent espresso drinks made from custom-roasted Te Aro beans and Owner Sameer Mohamed have both competed and won barista championships both regionally and nationally. And they take their coffee seriously here which is why some of their drinks are available only to-stay cause having it to-go compromises the quality of the brew.

 Just had lunch so didn't get to try any of the treats.

 Espresso $2.35 & Cappuccino $3.35
 I am personally not a big fan since the coffee was on the sour side and rather light roast but the foam was just perfect.

Glasses [OOTD]

Took off my glasses for the above picture but I have been confine to wearing glasses (no contact lenses) due to extreme dry eyes that I have been seeing blurry. Try to sneak in contacts during weekend when I go out but with the medicated drops, I'll have to stick with glasses (>_<)

Have been finding it difficult to match my outfit with the glasses and the black on black seems to work best, so the only color I incorporated was the necklace and tights.
It seems I am wearing all  H&M (@hmcanada) once again.

Outfit Details: 
Top, Skirt, Tights, Necklace & Bag - H&M (@hmcanada); Shoes - UO

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gusto 101

I just realize that I never posted my visit to Gusto 101 (@gusto101TO)  and it was back in August last year. I came here the previous week with a wait time of 2 hours, so we left a came back at a much earlier time. This is probably the busiest restaurant I have been so far, reservation online were only available for 5:30 or late 10:30.

It has two fabulous patios in full sun all day long, one at the front and a rooftop patio. Once a car garage, it is now a shell of the original with a very cool feel to it.

Although I love the interior here, we opted for the patio to enjoy the very last hot sunny days...

Love the re-usable brown "paper" bag 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Makeup Essential

Makeup I probably own more than needed since I like to try different product and the ones that I don't like tend to go on the side but I do find myself going back to the same favorites over and over again. I realize that I haven't done a beauty post for ages which I'll try to do more this year and I thought I would start with the basic favorites of mine ♥

 Make Up For Ever (@MAKEUPFOREVERCa) ~ HD Complexion Starter Kit $89
0.17oz HD Microfinish Powder (reg price $18)
 ~ finish w/ this 100% silica universal translucent finishing powder that adds a soft focus effect to complexion. It's a white powder but it does go translucent once you apply. This need to be use light-handed or else it will leave you with an overly white hue which mean this small jar will last you for quite a while. But it does make you makeup stay put and last longer.
 HD Kabuki Brush (reg price $43)
 ~ it's a very soft Nylon brush and even the MAC one can't compare. I was it many time since I first got it and it's not shedding at all.
 0.5oz HD Microperfecting Primer (reg price $18) 
~ this is their travel size but it also comes in bigger regular size which come in 7 different tone but I just stick with the Neutral color. This is a very lightweight, oil-free complexion corrector that minimize the appearance of pores.
 1.01oz HD Invisible Cover Foundation  (reg price $46) 
 ~ an oil-free medium coverage liquid foundation that covers skin imperfection flawlessly. This is the best foundation I've tried so far; good coverage, smooth and yet felt so light. It's rather long lasting that you can go without reapplying all day, especially with the primer and micro powder.
(My color #118)

Getting this set means I saved $36 since I use all of then. These are all my essential makeup product that I use but if you don't want another Kabuki brush, it may be better to buy these separately but it's so soft that you won't regret it. 

I just recently got the new Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation $42 for touch-up during the day and I'm liking it so far, it's very smooth. This foundation can be use both wet and dry but I tend to use my compact foundation dry and prefer to use liquid otherwise (My color #120).
Let's see how I like it cause I have been religiously using MAC Studio Fix for many years now and at $32, it a cheaper option.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sharon Garden BBQ & Grill

Sharon Garden recently open near our house on Victoria Park Ave & McNicoll Ave and it the sister location of one of my fave Korean Restaurant Song Cook's (see my post here). I already have been twice since December.

Same decor as Song Cook's

Just as Song Cook's, they don't serve you as much side dishes as other Korean restaurant and I would say that's the only down side. But I do love their Kimchi here which is not very spicy or sour at all.
Love how they serve you the whole big piece and you can cut it yourself.

Fur + Animal Print + Studs [OOTD]

Got another Animal Print dress and I just love this type of wrap dresses that easy to war and flattering....but I think I'll need a belt next time to define the waist. 
While I pair it with a faux fur collar coat this time, I feel like I can spice it up with a faux fur coat or vest.

Outfit Details: 
Coat - H&M; Dress - inlovewithfashion; Bracelets - F21; Clutch - ASOS