Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bar Buca [Brunch]

Have been meaning to come to Bar Buca (@barbucatoronto) since it opened a few weeks ago and I have heard some really good things too. Arriving on a Sunday, i didn't know that they only had brunch menu and not their regular lunch/dinner menu which I had a list of dishes that I wanted to try. Well, an excuse to come back real soon.

Love the space especially the open kitchen and the wine rack above it, the best use of the high ceiling space. They have really high bar chair and tables or was it just me being too short?!

And with less than 35 seating, the space is rather small.

Espresso Corretto $5 (served after 11am)
It's an Italian beverage consisting a shot of espresso with a bit of liquor and here Ben choose Grappa. Definitely not my kind of coffee, it's way too strong and thought it was sort of disgusting really.

Cappuccino $3

We also order a glass each of freshly squeeze Orange and Grapefruit Juice at $5/ea

 Assaggi di Pasticceria $12
~ Tasting of pastries
This actually came first, not sure if we were suppose to eat the sweet first. I personally wasn't a big fan of them, my favorite being the orange pistachio cannoli. Love the variety but with only one piece each I am not sure if this was meant for one person, personally I wouldn't be able to finish this by myself but with most of them being bite size, it was rather difficult to share.

 Porchetta Schiacciata $11
~ roast Tuscan pork, fried eggs, mostarda
This is my kind of breakfast sandwich, so perfect. The schiacciata was so good, flavourful and so crispy on the outside without being dry at all. The melt in your mouth fatty porchetta goodness which richness was cut through with the help of the sweet mostarda.

 Ammazza Fegato $14
~ tuscan offal sausage, farro, cavolo nero, porcini, farm egg
Love the spicy sausage which was perfect with the farro which added a different texture plus the earthy flavor of the porcini and doesn't everything taste better when topped with an egg. Only wish it came with 1-2 slices of bread/toast to mop up that sauce.

Verdict :
I would have to come back for their regular menu
Great service and love the space
Wish the menu was more "English", didn't understand half of it (google came in handy)

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