Thursday, February 20, 2014

龍鳯冰室 [Hong Kong]

The Hong Kong style stinky tofu from the night market finally open up a small place inside Golden Plaza (Hwy7 & Chalmers). 龍鳯冰室 doesn't really have an English name but it's direct translation is Dragon Phoenix Ice house.

The space is very small with barely 6-8 tight seating but the place is decorated like the old hawker stand in Hong Kong. Love the decor but wish it was a tad bigger and be warned, try not to wear your coat in since your whole body will smell like stinky tofu after (we had to rush home to shower right after). With the menu on blackboards, they didn't have paper menu and no pricing anywhere.

A mountain of condense milk act as a barrier/hideaway of the back storage area. Condense milk are use to make Hong Kong style Milk Tea 港式奶茶 which give it the thick silky texture. I just had coffee before heading there, so I will have to try their HK milk tea next time.

Stinky Tofu 臭豆腐
This is the Hong Kong style stinky tofu and not Taiwanese which I prefer, what's the difference you ask?! Taiwanese Tofu is usually served with pickled cabbage and hot sauce and have a softer texture while Hong Kong style tofu is served with both hot sauce and sweet sauce while the texture is firmer but crispier. Hong Kong style tofu is used to be sold as a street food on carts where you get them 1-2 pieces in a small paper bags and you get to add your own sauce, I say the more the better. 

Here they mix their own spicy garlic sauce which taste so good with the sweet sauce. The tofu is also deep fried to order and it's perfectly crispy. Although it's HK style, they added some pickle cabbage on the bottom which was great since it's a great palate cleanser.

Curry Fish Balls 咖喱鱼蛋
Another street food favorite, in Hong Kong they are usually sold by skewers of 5-6 pieces. In Toronto, it's mostly sold in a container of some sort with skewer sticks like this. I find the portion here to be way too big and the fish ball didn't really absorb the curry flavors.

Street Side Siu Mai 街邊燒賣
It's also called fish meat siu mai 魚蓉燒賣 since it's made of fish paste instead of pork like the one you normally get at dim sum in restaurants. The ones here are humongous but love their their home cook soy sauce which is slightly sweet with oil.

Cart Noodle 車仔
 Another street side dish originated from Hong Kong, Cart Noodle usually have a lot of choices from the type of noodle, the toppings to the broth/sauce. But the one here is standard with instant noodle, fish balls, beef balls, red sausage, fried fish skin and a spicy curry broth. No other special toppings to choose from which is pretty boring but love the crispy fried fish skin and the soup base was spicy and quite yummy.

Tofu Pudding 豆腐
Made to order, it's served pipping hot with a ginger and raw sugar mix. Love how it melt over the hot pudding. It's definitely one of my fave Chinese dessert, so smooth and comforting.

Verdict :
I don't think I will go back regularly since I hate stinking of smelly tofu after.
Maybe ask Ben to get take out?! lol
The curry fish ball need improvement and wish there was more toppings to choose from for the cart noodle. 
Love the Stinky Tofu and the Tofu pudding.

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