Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fav Café 鍾意坊 [Hong Kong]

I am always up for trying out new Hong Kong Style Café uptown when I want to stay in during the weekend. Have heard some fab things about Fav Café's Hainanes Chicken, so I finally made my way there this past weekend.

The space is rather small and tight but love how their wall are filled with concerts poster... should I say non-Chinese concert poster, posters like Edge Fest and Green Day. The place also look like to be run by young energetic staff, the chefs w/ aprons will sometimes bring out your dishes.

Hong Kong Style Iced Lemon Tea
Our meal came with our choice of drinks. I have to say the tea wasn't dark or bitter enough for HK style tea. I\ll have to try their Milk Tea next time.

Hainanese Chicken Rice 海南雞飯
Have been searching for a place for good Hainanese Chicken Rice in Toronto for ages where both the chicken and rice are as delicious. The chicken here are perfectly tender and moist while the rice was completely flavorful packed with chicken flavor without being overly oily. Even the garlic in the garlic chili sauce was filled with fresh chopped garlic while most other places just serve water down store bought version. The soy sauce was cooked and reduce with sugar which result in a thick sweet yummy goodness. The minced ginger oil was perfectly seasoned and used young ginger.

 Lotus Leaf wrapped Pork Neck & Salty Fish Fried Rice 荷葉飯
Love how the rice itself didn't have too much of the salty fish or salt itself so that you can actually taste the lotus leaf flavor. Love how it's served pipping hot which is perfect for these cold winter days that we are having.

Verdict :
Love the Hainanese Chicken rice and I am sure I'll be a regular from now on.
They also have the Indonesian Chicken which I will need to try next time.
One of the best service I've had for a while at a Chinese place and love how energetic and smiling they all are.

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