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Lamesa - Menu Launch [Philippine]

Lamesa (@LamesaTO) have been changing the perception of ethnic cuisine with a myraid of influences and reinventing some classic dishes. Although the focus of Chef Ruby Boquila is still Filipino food, her does borrow from all the food that he tasted.
 Haven't been to Lamesa since my visit here and have been meaning to revisit when they launch their brunch menu.  Thanks for Mary Luz (@MaryLuzOnFood) for inviting me to this brunch menu tasting. 

Lolo Cool J
~ bourbon, ginger, pineapple, cinnamon syrup, lemon juice and ginger ale
 The perfect sweet refreshing way to start the night, perfect for those who doesn't like strong alcohol tasting cocktail.

Crispy Pata
~ deep fried pork trotter with pickles and hosemade dipping sauce
This was one of my fave dish, classic crispy pata made 3 ways and especially love their house-made hot sauce which we were lucky enough to get a jar each at the end of the night.

French Toast Turon
~ egg dipped bread with sweet plantain and jackfruit wrapped in spring roll served w/ coconut whip
 This was surprisingly not sweet for a french toast, love the crispy phyllo with the soft egg bread filling with the yummy mushy plantain and jackfruit middle. Oooh and the coconut whip was just as amazing.

 Pork & Pancakes
~ sarsi braised pork with corn and coconut pancakes and a jackfruit syrup
Love the sweet savory play here, the pancake are the perfect texture / fluffiness and the pork was super moist and tender.

The Shand Miguel
~ san miguel beer and calamansi juice
 Calamansi is a small Filipino lime. With the super smooth beer, this was the ultimate refresher and palette cleanser, perfect for those who like lime in their beer (i.e Corona).

~ ground pork spring rolls served with housemade banana ketchup
Can't have Filipino food without having lumpia, Philipino spring rolls and this was elevated with a housemade banana ketchup.

Arroz Caldo
~ rice porridge, chicken, chicharon, crispy kale and fried garlic
 Tried this at a previous event and loved it, so I was thrilled that we are having this once again. There's a lot of details with all the different ingredients, texture and flavors here. The creamy porridge, the tender chicken with the crispy fried pig skin and kale plus the sweet taste of corn. Wish I had one big bowl of this instead of this tiny cup.

Bicol Express Fries
~ pork, coconut milk, chilies and bagoong over housemade fries
Love the intense flavor of the fermented fish/shrimp paste (bagoong) which was balanced by the coconut milk. It was rather salty, a bit too much sauce for the amount of fires here but I bet it won't be a problem with the regular size dish.

Fried Chicken Adobo
~ crispy fried chicken with a garlic puree, pickled chayote and an adobo gastrique
The batter was super light which is pretty typical for Asian fried chicken but the star is probably the sauce here, strong garlic flavor which will definitely be a big no-no if you were on a date.

Gibataan Gulay
~ roasted squash, beans, greens, eggplant with a coconut cream sauce
Love the colors here but really, it's only some grilles veggies.

Halo Halo
~ coconut strings, sweet purple yam, sugar, palm fruit, jackfruit with buko pandan ice cream w/ shaved ice and carnation milk
 Make your own halo halo at the bar, no matter how many time I have this I still feel like a kid everytime. I do however prefer it with shaved ice and no ice cream and does it make it not a halo halo?! I particular love the crispy cereal and the brown butter sugar sprinkle and love love the jackfruit (totally wish we can get fresh ones in Toronto).

Tita Baby
~ mango juice, malibu rum and baileys
This one definitely pack a punch

Datu, a trio played traditional Philipino instruments throughout the night.

Verdict :
Can't wait to come back again, especially the Brunch.
Especially have to come back for the Arroz Caldo 

*** This meal was complimentary. Opinions are my own***

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