Monday, March 24, 2014

Sakagura [Japanese - NYC]

Our flight got delayed from 9:00am to 4:00pm to 7:00pm and then finally back to 6:00pm and we made it to New York just in time to check in to our hotel and for our 9:45pm dinner reservation at Sakagura  we made the very last minute.

 Hidden in the basement of an Midtown East Office Building, we had to of down a flight of sketchy stairs to reach this sake bar.

Love the bamboo rails and the line of sake bottles over the bar was definitely very eye catching.

Our 2 travel buddies wasn't sake fans, so they order beer (Asahi & Sapporo on tap) at $7 but it was a very small 1/2 pint glass. It's rather pricey for draft beer.

Shichihon Nigori Sake $75.00
Yes me and Ben share a whole bottle of sake and after a stressful day at the airport, we deserve this.
A rather thick bodied nigori with bits of rice still visible at the bottom. It's not very sweet for a nigori with a very good balance of flavor. This is especially perfect with fried food and I definitely like this chilled/cold as it's served here.

Uzaku $9.00
~ Grilled Eel Vinaigrette served w/ thin cucumber slices and wakame seaweed
 What an amazing start, love the acidity of the cucumber and seaweed with the sweet sauce of the eel. Though it wouldn't go together since something like that is usually served with raw fish, but somehow this all goes together. A perfect start to the meal, a great way to wake up our palette.

 Onsen Tamago $8.00/ea
 ~ Soft boiled egg topped w/ sea urchin and salmon roe in a cold soup
This was somehow light and incredible flavorful with the uni and the pop of flavors of the roe.
The soup was light and refreshing, love it with the creamy soft boiled egg.

Shiokara $6.00
~ sliced raw squid cured in salt with a squid liver marinade
 This was a disappointment, it was overly salty and strong in flavor. Wish it came with some nori or something that can cut through the saltiness.

 Sansyoku Nasu Dengaku $12
~ grilled Japanese eggplant served w/ 3 kind of miso (eggyolk, spinach & sweet red)
The eggyolk miso was incredibly delicious creamy goodness which complimented the eggplant flavor perfectly while the spinach was rather bland.

 Gyutan Yawaraka $13
~ miso stewed served with beef tongue, Daikon radish, taro potato, spinach, Shitake mushroom
This was so yummy, wished it came with a bowl of rice

 Kurobuta Karage $8.00
~ deep fried tender pork marinated in curry powder and oyster sauce
I was surprise that this was the only deep fried dish we ordered and it was perfect with the sake.

 Washu Gyu Ishiyaki $25.00
~ top sirloin Washu beef grilled on top of a hot stone served w/ Ponzu sauce
 Love the presentation of the small round hot stone and the small cube of fat to oil the stone. And be careful since the stone are really really hot, so you can easily overcook the thin slices of beef.

 Uni Soba $22.00
~ homemade buckwheat noodle
This was amazing, love the al dente homemade buckwheat noodle and the super extra yummy broth.

Kani Donabe Cohan $26.00
~ steamed rice cooked with snowcrab meat and crab butter served w/ miso soup
This was heart warming good, packed with so much crab meat and the rice was perfectly cook w/ a slight char from the clay pot and it gave it so much flavor.

The large wood barrel by the front was actually washroom, though it was kinda cute.

Verdict :
The service was incredibly friendly and profesional
Price was very reasonable for both food and sake
Love it here, would definitely like to come back.

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