Friday, March 21, 2014

SIO Winter Classic [Event]

Back in January, on a bone chilling night we made our way to SIO (Sake Institute of Ontario) Winter Classic sake popup event (@KampaiToronto) ~ #SIOWinterClassic

 I have always associate hot sake with being low grade but I have now change my view all thanks to this event. There are now many premium sake available in Canada that taste great both chilled and warmed (never hot). It's an easy way to bring out sake's varied flavor profile.

 Unlike table sake, it is worth paying extra for premium warm sake although I have to say that not all sake taste good warmed up. As per the expert of that night, it is best to warm your sake in a hot water bath gently. Best around your body temperature of 37 C to 40 C and the flavor profile does change at different temperature.

 Izumi Namacho
 ~ Coming in from the cold, we were welcome by Izumi (@OntarioSake) right by the door with a cup of warm sake. This was made especially to be served warm and btw they refuse to served it chilled or at room temperature. It was indeed amazing warm with nutty flavors and some citrus note.
Izumi Nama-Nama
~ their signature unpasteurized Junmai which is incredibly smooth with sweet melon flavors. And did I mention how proud I am of our Toronto Sake brewery, they came a long way. From when I didn't like their sake to anticipating it now.
Izumi Arabashiri #48
~ this is a limited just pressed free run and it was dry fruity and unpasteurized

 Otokoyama Kimoto 
~ a medium dry sake with distinct rice aroma and a hint of fruit.
Wakatake Junmai Ginshu 
~ a rich dry sake but I have to say it's my least favorite of the Wekatake Sake
Hakkaisan "Eight Peaks" Honjozo
~ a very easy to drink sake and when drink chilled it has a clean flavor and while warmed up it bring out the  rice and koji flavors.

Doesn't a cute packaging attract you to them?! Dad's Sake is just so cute but also happens to be a very easy drinking as well.

Yuki No Bosha Yumahai Junmai
~ a mellow low acidity sake
Yoshi No Gawa Kome Dake No Sake Junmai
~ thought this one tasted a tad medicinal, not my favorite
Tentaka Kuni Hawk in the Heavens Junmai
~ this was chosen to be served warm and it somehow tasted fuller compare to the drier and lighter feel when served chilled.

Hokko Junmai
a dry sake which can be enjoy both cold and hot
Homake Strawberry Nigori
a mix of Nigori and strawberry juice, love the fresh sweet sour creaminess
Yamada Nisuiki
 ~ a full bodied rich smooth sake, loved it

 Urakasumi Jumai
~ one of our favorite of the night, classic full bodied and full rice flavors.

 Taiheizan Tenko Junmai Daiginji
~ to me this was really really smooth but came across with not much character to it

And obviously needed some yummy nibbles to go with all those sake

Verdict :
Another amazing SIO event, always learn so much from all the passionate sake people/vendors
Mark your calender for Kampai Toronto 2014 happening May 29th, so excited  
Do follow them on twitter and facebook for updates

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