Thursday, May 21, 2015

Big Crow [BBQ/Canadian]

 I finally made it to Big Crow (@bigcrowbbq) this past Sunday for brunch. Located just behind Rose and Son, it's very easy to miss. No idea what took me so long since I have been fan of Anthony Rose other 2 restaurants (here & here)

The weather was so nice and sunny, wished they had their rooftop open. Love the semi open space with the long communal picnic tables, I was surprise the kitchen was rather small and open where you can see all the meat being grilled.

Cowboy Coffee $10
Strong French Press style coffee in my fave Le Creuset color ♥

 Fried Egg Toastada $14
~ guacamole, charred mushroom & black bean salsa, pepitas & queso
When ordering, we were recommended this since the other two dishes was heavy meat one and we were told that it's a rather popular new addition to their menu. Let just say it tasted as good as it look, very light and flavorful, didn't even miss the meat here. Perfect for vegetarian at a BBQ with friends

 Baby Back Ribs $17 for half slab
~ burst cherry tomato & basil pesto
There weren't fall off the bone tender but were not too chewy and perfectly moist. The ribs had a really nice flavor on their own but love the touch of pesto with the pop of tartness from the tomato.

 Chopped BBQ Pork $16
~ buttermilk potato salad, ezell's sweet slaw, pickles & toast
 I originally thought it would be some kind of pulled pork but it was more like chucks and wasn't drench in BBQ sauce which wasn't needed since it was so flavorful just on it's own.... wish it came with more than one slice of bread.

 Peanut Butter & Jelly Ice Cream Sandwich $7
I never would have thought that I would like my ice cream sandwich in a bun instead of cookies but this work so perfectly, the brioche bun was light and airy which make it not that filling which is perfect after all the meat we had. The blueberry sauce and the runny peanut butter was amazingly delicious (btw, where can I get that PB?!)

Large portion make it perfect for sharing!

Love both the space and would love to come back at light with the lights on which I am sure will look so pretty.
And also try the rest of the menu like their brisket and ox tongue

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