Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Megalomaniac - Spring Open House & Release Event [20 Valley Winery]

Although Megalomaniac (@megalomaniacJHC) wasn't part of the Get Fresh passport (see post here & here), I just had to drop by my fave winery for their Spring Open House & Release Event happening that same weekend (see my previous visit here & here)

We got to taste 9 wines with food pairings for $5 which you get refunded with purchase of $24.95 which basically means free since I couldn't resist buying a few bottles.
We started with the Sparkling & the drier Riesling and I like how they put the red wines in the middle with the sweeter white saved for the end.
Here's what we got to taste:
2013 Bubblehead Champenoise $28.95
Grounded Riesling Reserve $24.95
Groundbreaker Red $19.95
Bravado Cab Sauv $24.95
Grounded Cab Franc $39.95
Grounded Merlot $39.95
Narcissit Riesling $17.95
 Pink Slip Rose $19.95
Local Squeeze Riesling $13.95

Always loved the caved cellar, glad that the tasting took place there.

Frankly I have probably try all of their wine already unless there's new releases, so after the tasting in the cellar we headed back up to the tasting room so Dad can taste some of their other Reds.
2012 Big Mouth Merlot $24.95
2011 Bravado Cabernet Sauvignon $24.95

2012 Frank Cabernet $24.95

2013 Grounded Cabernet Franc Icewine $34.95 & 2013 Coldhearted Riesling Icewine $28.95

I personally are not a big fan of icewines and these are probably the only 2 wines that I have never bought from Megalomaniac, these are for Dad to try.

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