Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Au Pied de Cochon [Montreal - 2015]

On my recent trip to Montreal with Dad and friends, of course I have to bring them to the most popular restaurant in Montreal, Au Pied de Cochon (see my last post from 2012 here)

Yummy warm freshly made baguette, can't beat that

They have one of the most extensive wine list I've seen in a restaurant of that size.

Foie Gras Cromesquis $4.00/2pcs
I still remember these from last time and it was such a yummy intense burst of goodness! I still have no idea why no other restaurants have something like this. Warning: be patient and wait for it to cool down a bit before eating it in one bite.

Onion Soup $10

Foie Gras Poutine $24
You think it's expensive for poutine but for the amount of foie, it's all worth it. The perfect gravy thickness with the perfect amount of cheese curs and excessive amount of foie, the challenge is to get a bit of everything in each bite.

Tarragon Bison Tongue $8.50
Melt in your mouth goodness, never seen bison tongue on a menu before, always love trying new things.

Maple Salmon $10
Love the maple soy glaze with the perfectly cooked salmon

Boudin Maison $15
Soft yummy housemade boudin but definitely need to work on the presentation

Stuffed Pied de Cochon w/ Foie Gras $45
Boneless pig's leg stuffed with foie gras and goodies then fried, what's not to love. This was a humongous portion, this can easily feed 4 people as a main but given we ordered so many dishes, we were stuffed. I am in foie gras heaven by now, love the creamy goodness with the crispy skin and gooey fatty interior.

Foie de Veau $22
 As if we haven't had enough duck liver by now, we had to try veal liver as well but this was probably the only dish we regretted ordering. Didn't really like the texture and it was overly salty.

Love how they served Maple Rum shots in Maple Taps Splile, so fun!!!

As good as ever, I'll always want to come back when in Montreal
Once again I forgot to order Plogue à Champlain, another reason to go back soon.
It was a fun yummy satisfied night with great company.

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  1. Montreal is such a great city with so many delicious choices! Definitely not a place to diet!

  2. So rich, so delicious. One of my faves in Montreal