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Maison Publique [Montreal]

It's really difficult to get reservation at popular restaurants in Montreal even weeks in advance, Maison Publique (@maisonpublique) was the only one on top of my list that I've been able to a reso for our trip.

When we got there at 7:00pm, the front was full already, love the bar area where you get a direct view of the kitchen. Unfortunately there was 5 of us, so we got seated at the back.

Here they pride themselves in serving all local ingredients, even the wines. There's a few things that I didn't like about the place, there's only one blackboard at the front over the bar area and not at the back room which was a hassle if there's a few of you, does that mean you have take turns to go look.... and for me I'll probably forget what I wanted before ordering. There's no wine list altogether and it's up to your waiter's suggestions, don't get me wrong but sometimes they do know best but wish I could at least take a look at what they have to offer and the price which is pretty important.
I was told that there was a wine list at the front.

This was the 3rd try, good think that they let you try the wine before ordering. Lailey being one of my favorite Ontario winery, I knew Dad would approved as soon as I see it. A full bodied red with ripe fruits and plum notes, this was an easy drinking wine perfect to go with our multi course dinner.

One of my friend do not drink (yes not sure how I could be friend with someone who doesn't drink) and seeing that, our waiter bought over a complimentary fresh lemonade for her.

We decided to go ahead with their tasting at $55pp which included all the dishes + desserts.
Spicy Lamb Tartare w/ spicy mint jam toast
Love love the refreshing mint jam with the lamb tartare which was delicious although my of my guest found it way too spicy

Quebec Asparagus
Marinated since last summer, it was served over a Parmesan Pudding. Although it sounded totally wrong, it was delicious and unlike a pickled asparagus, the flavors are so much more subtle and not as overwhelming which was perfect with the crispy bacon and yummy light parmesan pudding.

Cured Beef Filet Mignon
Cured for only a very very short time so you can still taste the meat taste and just a black pepper herb crust with a side of celery root salad. Not only did it look perfect, love the simplicity of this.. no extra sauce of whatsoever needed.

Baked Oyster
Look at this huge Sea Angel Oyster from Vancouver Island baked with marmite sauce, onions and mushroom

Organic Smoked Nova Scotia Trout

Smoked in house served with buffalo yogurt and beet. Love the tenderness of the barely smoked trout, love how the fresh "sashimi" texture remain yet it was packed with smokey flavors. And first time having a buffalo yogurt but I can really not tell the difference.

West Cost Halibut w/ 3types of BC wild mushrooms

Lentils w/ Deep Fried Leeks & Poached Egg
Break the egg and mix it up, such a delicious and simple dish.

Whole Quebec Rabbit
Smoked and the pan fried, this would have been delicious if it hadn't be that salty since it was very tender... so salty that we can't even finished it.

Quebec Winter Root Vegetables
Love the mix of all the fresh veggies topped with Bagna Cauda Sauce which is an Italian sauce with anchovies.

Crème Brûlée w/ Lemon Shortbread Cookies
Love the thick burnt crust of the crème brûlée but it was kind of watery, wish it was thicker consistency. The cookies was amazing and wish I had ordered a coffee to go with it. Although I was so full by then, I could help but had 2 of them.

Soft Served
One part buttermilk and one part grapefruit sorbet, this was the best dish of the night. Perfect combination of creamy and sour flavors, it was perfectly refreshing.

Don't you just love their business card

Wish we sat here but with the 5 of us it would have been tough to have a conversation going if sat next to each other.

Amazing deal for their Tasting Menu but with limited menu choices, I wouldn't recommend this for picky eaters (one of us didn't eat fish and other 2 no beef; oh well more for me and Ben)
Would love to come back next time I'm in Montreal.
Amazing staff even though I asked them to repeat the dish description a few times so I can write it down.
Love how they come back and asked if we were full or we wanted more, always a good idea with Tasting Menu.

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  1. for the tasting menu, did you share all the dishes? Or each person gets their own portion? Thank you