Thursday, September 15, 2016

Captain's Boil - Little Italy [Restaurant Opening - Seafood]

This is my second time to Captain's Boil (@thecaptainsboil), Toronto's 1st seafood boil restaurant. I have been to the 1st location a while ago and this is already their 5th location in the GTA area with plans for many more.

 After visiting the 1st location, I was actually kind of disappointed that it wasn't as good as the one we had in Las Vegas (see post here) and so much more expensive... but I change my mind with this location, it was fresh well cook and well season and more worth the price tag in comparison.

No wonder it's expanding so quickly, everybody loves seafood right?! And what's more fun than eating with your hands while wearing a bib.

I was lucky enough to be invited to their pre-opening Media Dinner, although the staff could be better train, owner Amy and Marlon made sure we had everything we need and was very generous. And love the spread they had put out for us to take picture, what a great presentation!

Love the ceiling which was design to resemble the hull of a boat.

Golden Mantle Oysters from B.C.
Meaty full sweet melon flavor

Cajun Fries $4.95 and Cajun Seafood Fried Rice $10.95
They were rather large portion which is great for sharing but wish they offer a smaller portion which would be great for date night. Although you might as well finish the whole thing to regret later since the cajun fries are so crispy good, so flavorful on it's own that you don't even need the ketchup... or maybe dip it in the sauce from the seafood... but for that I would highly recommend ordering a bowl of Steam Rice $2 and dump it into the sauce (^_<)

So here's basically how it works : 
Step 1 - Choose the seafood
(Crawfish / King Crab Leg / Snow Crab Leg / Dungeness Crab / Lobster / Shrimps / Clams / Mussels)
Step 2 - Choose your Sauce Flavor
(Cajun / Lemon Pepper / Garlic / Captain's Boil - mix of all 3 flavors)
Step 3 - Choose your Heat
(Non-Spicy / Mild / Medium / Fire)
Step 4 - Decide if you want any sides added to the mix/bag
(Okra / Corn / Potatoes / Lotus Root / Sausage)

Crawfish -M.P w/ Corn
This was the first time I ate fresh crawfish, it's usually frozen and what a difference, the texture of the meat are so much better (not mushy like the frozen ones), so sweet and delicious.
So fresh that they bought out a few live ones put for us to play with!

Dungeness Crab -M.P
This was definitely my favorite; so sweet, so fresh and so perfectly cook. Love the Tomalley (crab brain/fat) inside the shell which made the sauce extra delicious and think (this is the one you want to dump your steam rice in).

Clams $12.95/Lb w/ Okra 
Perfect size and fattiness and did I mention everything is so fresh including the clams, 

Lobster -M.P w/ Lotus Root
They mix up my order during the Media event and end up running out of Lobster and the owner Amy was so kind to invite me back to try it. It was delicious although I would say that was the only dish that was very very slightly overcooked but still delicious. I would recommend you choose the Lemon Pepper sauce for this one although the Captain's Boil is my favorite, I find the lemon goes better with the lobster and bring out the sweetness while the Captain's Boil is way too overpowering.

The Captain's Boil Lunch deal, a chicken sizzling plate with seafood and rice at $8.95 only

Love the freshness of all their seafood
 (when I went to the 1st location, the seafood we order wasn't the freshest)
Everything was so perfectly cooked.
They could improve on the spiciness level, the medium wasn't hot but the fire was sweating hot.
Love the playlist there, very lively which was perfect for the seafood boil atmosphere

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