Friday, September 23, 2016

La Boqueria Mercat [Barcelona - Spain]

Our first stop in Barcelona was La Boqueria Mercat which is a large public market, it's not only a meat & vegetable market since that would be a bit meaningless for tourist like us but they have bars selling both food and drink which makes it a popular lunch spot.

We took a walk on La Rambla and get off mid way at the market which has a side entrance there. This is probably one of the most popular street in central Barcelona, a tree lined pedestrian street which stretches 1.2 kilometers. It was pretty crowded with a lot of pavement cafes and souvenirs stalls, but please make sure to be careful of pickpockets at places like this.

The market is really a treat to the senses with such great colors, sound and smell, it's really worth a stop even though the bars a a bit overprice compare to some of the local restaurants but really, dirt cheap compare to here in Toronto for such freshness.

So many fresh fruits and juices, some of them difficult to find here in Canada... we even grab some pre-cut ones to eat on the go.

Most of the bars were so packed and we only happened to grab 2 seats as someone just left. We only order the prawns because we wanted to try other things around the market.

Gambes de Palamos
These prawns are so perfectly good, so fresh and sweet

Daus de pernil iberic 5
Perfect munchies as you walk around the market

This is probably one of the more filling cheaper options and there's so many choices, plus they even heat it up for you.

They have sandwiches at the bakery and pizza

Look at all the fresh seafood, wish I had a kitchen to cook them. I love prawns and shrimps, so Spain was heaven for me with all the fresh ones available everywhere. They also have some fried cones/plates of seafood available at some stalls but I wouldn't recommend since they are not freshly made and are cold w/ the batter really soggy.

Love the egg display here!

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