Thursday, September 8, 2016

Muskoka Brewery's 20th Birthday Bash [Event]

Muskoka Brewery (@MuskokaBrewery) celebrated their 20th Birthday at the Evergreen Brickwork last month and invited a bunch of Ontario Craft Breweries to celebrate. Each brewery bought with them a special "birthday brew".

Love the Mad Tom mask, too cute and work great as a fan on that hot day.
Love the Kirby's Kolsch with the peach flavor and the sour Saucy Piegeon which ran out and too slow to get a second.

Henderson Brewing (@Hendersonbeerco)
~ Tamarind Chili Ale (4.2%)
This infused Blonde Ale was our favorite that night, def have seconds and thirds. Love the slight sourness of the tamarind just with a touch of spice.

Manantler Craft Brewing (@manantler)
~ Sane Tim Belgium Saison (5%)

Left Field Brewery (@LFbrewery)
~ Cranberry Saison

Indie Alehouse (@indiealehouse)
~ "Shallow Waters" Raspberry Lemongrass Saison (4%)

~ Rhubarb Saison

~ Mojito Wit (lime & mint Belgian Witbier) & 12 Minutes to Destiny (Hibiscus Pale Lager 4.1%)
Their Hibiscu Lager have always been one of my favorite but this time the Mojito Wit was super refreshing for this especially hot day.

~ Raspberry Saison (3.5%)

~ Sane Clown Punch (5%)
I especially love this. both the label and the taste but unfortunately they were out when we visited the brewery 2 weeks later.

~ Spruce Cockburn APA
One of our must stop when in Niagara on the Lake (see post here, here and here), it's one of my favorite and this one doesn't disappoint; instead of the usual fruity version the others offer, this Canadian Spruce version have a lovely rosemary scent to it.

~ Summer Berry Saison (5.3% Cask)
Have been waiting for something me from them forever and this was another hit.

~ Brisket Sandwitch w/ Pad Thai Fries
These fries are just OMG good, love the spice level which was perfect with all the refreshing beer.

~ Porchetta Slider
This mini sandwich was the perfect mini beer mug 

Has so much fun with Ben, make sure to follow his beerstagram @beeru_san for all his beer adverntures / reviews. Love smaller events like these, tends to be so much more fun and enjoyable!!!

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