Friday, September 16, 2016

Laguardia [Spain]

Laguardia is a very small town in the nothern part of Spain, near our first stop Longrono. If you are in the area, make sure to drop by and an hour is all it take.

The place lies over a hill and surrounded by a wall, all the streets still have a medieval feel to it, as if you are in a movie. There's no car inside the walled town with very narrow roads.

 We went there on a Sunday and there was all kind of activities going on including reenactments

Band members wearing traditional Basque red beret of Bilbao Spain, people will gather outside the bars and listen to the band and will stay afterwards for a few drinks... love the noisy lively atmosphere! 

I do think people in Spain drink 24/7 and I don't blame them, with the beer and wine being so affordable.... and isn't it great how they can drink on the streets, just stand outside the bar and chat especially when the tapas bar tends to be so small and packed. 

Tower of Santa Maria 

The view on top of the tower

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