Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Enoteca Maialino

I was looking for a last minute reservation this past Friday and was going through my to-eat list and was lucky enough to find Enoteca Maialino on my 3rd try thanks for Open Table. I hate emailing or calling since you can't almost never readh then, I wish every restaurant are on Opem Table.

It was smaller than I have expected, as we arrive we were told that they don't have any table left and there was only bar seats left even though we had reservation.
(not to mention she had a really bad leave it or take it attitude)

They had a super tiny kitchen and most of the dish are prepared at the side of the bar, wish we were seated there instead =P

Ben decided to order a beer, so I order a 1/2L White for myself and I loved it 
Colline Teatine Bianco IGT, Nicola DiDipio Abruzzo

Their Olive Oil was really good and fragrant, perfect with the warm crispy baguette ♥
(I hate when a really good restaurant give you rancid Olive Oil for your bread)

La Salumeria ( 1 for $6 or 3 for $15)
~ choice of 3 salami and 3 cheese
il Crudo di Parma: a traditional 36-month aged prosciutto Crudo from Italy
la Mortadella e il Tartufo: specially-made Mortadella for Maialino, served with shaved Italian truffle
Taleggio: an Italian washed-rind semi-soft cheese (♥ this cheese)

Arancini $8
~ Authentic rice cones, stuffed with chicken and veal ragu, green peas and fresh Scamorza
This was served piping hot and was packed with deliciousness (^_^)

Parmigiana in Vetro $8
~ Layered 36-month Parmigiano mousse, roasted eggplant puree, guegino tomato sauce with crostini, Olive Oil Mandranova Cerasuola
Sucha cute presentation and although it's a tiny jar, it packs a ton of flavor.Mix it up and you get a creamy smooth puree with very subtle difference in textures still noticeable

Costole de Manzo al Nero D'Avolo $26
~ Slow-roasted short ribs. Nero D'Avalo wine sauce with roasted shallots and potatoes
The ribs was extremely moist and tender which pair perfectly with the thick syrupy wine sauce and the roasted shallots just added an extra layer of flavor and texture.

Cuscous di Pesce $19
This was one of their special of the night. It was incredible light and refreshing, yet very flavorful with alight broth at the bottom. A very nice contrast to teh ribs that was a lot stronger in flavor.

We each got a complimentary of this lemon jelly liqueur since we waited for quite a bit for dessert.
I have to say that I'm not a big fan since it was very thick.

Flan di Cioccolato $7
~ Warm 70% chocolate cake served with salted caramel mousse and peperoncino
This was what we waited for 30mins since this is bake to order and it was definetly worth it.

Cannoli $7
~ Hand-made cannoli shells stuffed with sweet ricotta cheese
This was probably one of the best cannoli I had in a while, the shell was incredibly crispy with just the right amount of sweetness int he ricotta.

Verdict :
Really enjoy everything here and the service was great
I especially love the 2 apps and will be back to try some of the others as well and maybe try one of their pasta as well 

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  1. Great choices! Everything is authentic Sicilian...chef Marotta is off the hook!

  2. Hate it when hostess has bad attitude! It ruins your mood even before you sit down for a meal :p

    1. Prob because we were not italian, lol (jk)

  3. Those are some awesome pictures. The Arancini looks amazing!