Friday, May 18, 2012

Kinton Ramen (Soft Opening)

I went to the soft opening of Kinton Ramen (@KintonRamen) just this Wednesday and though I would give you a little preview for those who won't be able to make it to their Grand Opening today (they are already packed for Lunch right now as I'm writing this post). All my friends was asking about the pictures I tweeted and posted on my facebook , so I wanted to give them a more detail look of my visit (I will do a more official review for my next visit).
Kinton Ramen is the 3rd restaurant opened by the owners of both Guu Toronto (@GuuToronto) and unlike the Izakaya style of the two previous, this one is dedicated in serving Ramen.

We arrive at roughly 7:45pm and we were offer space at the standing communal table by the front but we opted to wait for seated. We waited for about 15-20 minutes and that's pretty fast considering how long I waited for Guu.

For those who knows me or follow my blog will know that I always complain about the lack of good Ramen places in Toronto... so I am pretty excited to try this place out and I was not disappointed ♥
Ben aka the bf have only one craving all the time and that's Ramen, so imagine his excitement and especially under a lot of stress lately he consider that the ultimate comfort food.

We were seated right in front of the prep area by the huge pots of broth and OMG it smells so good

I guess because it's the peek dinner hours and the orders were a bit slow and we waited for around 30-40 minutes for ours, definitely hope that will improve once they open (^_^)

Gyoza ($3.50)
This house made pork dumplings were the first to arrive and it was delicious, extremely juicy and flavorful even without the dipping sauce.

Kinton Pork Ramen $12.80
~ with the choice of Miso, Shio, Shayu or Spicy w/ extra volume of pork
There's a few more basic choices that you get w/ every bowl: choice of regular or light pork bone soup and the choice of pork shoulder or pork belly.
For the Kinton ramen sicne there's extra pork, you can choose both which I did with the miso flavor regular soup. The soup itself was extremely flavorful and slightly fatty with the ramen cook just right (can I use the al-dente to describe ramen?!). The pork was just tender and soft yummy goodness.

Cheese Ramen $10.80 (+$2 for extra meat)
~ miso and light soup, swisscheese, kinton pork, beansprout, corn, basil
We opted to get the extra meat so we can have both pork shoulder & belly on this as well. We order the previous one which was a safer choice so we decided to try the Cheese version as well since that's the one that catches my eyes when I was looking at their online menu =P
This was surprisingly good and with the only choice of light soup for this one it allows both the cheese and the pork bone flavor to compliment each other perfectly and I can totally imagine the pork bone taking over the cheese flavor if the regular soup is used.

Ok, there was just the 2 of us but Ben want crazy since it's so good and decided to order a 3rd bowl.

Shio Ramen $9.50 (+$1 extra Nori)
~ sea salt, kinton pork, beansprout, onion, scallion, nori, seasoned egg
We opted for the regular soup and pork shoulder this time. I have to say this is my favorite of the night cause with the miso, I find it a bit on the salty side but this one is just right and allowing you to taste the perfect goodness of their pork bone soup. And did I mention that even the egg was cook to perfection with the runny yolk and the light sweet soy flavor (^_^) ♥

I tried to ask our waitress to see if the ramen is housemade as well but she told me that it was made by a factory.

I can easily give up the pork, what I love is the ramen with the yummy soup and as you can see, I finish most of the soup (so full & satisfied)

Verdict :
Finally a good Ramen place in Toronto
♥ and ♥, will be back very soon and I'm hoping that the line up won't be too long
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  2. wow. can't wait to try out this place too! especially from guu.

  3. going this Thursday, CANT WAIT! :D

  4. Def must go, went a 2nd time already :)