Monday, May 28, 2012

Food Truck Eats @ Peller Estates Winery

I have been a big fan of Food Truck Eats Event since it all started last year, see my post here & here (and a few that I didn't blog about) and this time there was a colaboration with Peller Estates Winery which I have been numerous of times =P Two of my favorite things at once, I just have to go and the weather was so perfect too (^_^) It was a two day event on this past Victoria Day long weekend and tickets was for $15 including admission, one wine tickets and a souvenir Govino glass.
This is my favorite Food Truck Event so far, not only the weather was record breaking high and at such a beautiful location, but also the line up here was way shorter than the ones in Toronto :)

Enjoying some wine while waiting in line.....yummm

Buster's Sea Cove (@bustersseacove)
Our 1st stop is obviously one of the new truck and an old favorite

Lobster Rolls $13
It came with a bag of chips but it was quite pricey, probably teh most expensive item that day.
It was served on a small soft bun that's been lightly toasted and was filled with lobster meat. It was served cold which was very refreshing for such a hot day.

Fish Tacos $4
This was perfectly delicious with the hot crispy battered fish, tangy refreshing salsa verde and pico de gallo together with the creamy smooth guacamole cream.

Another new truck that I haven't try yet and it's  my fave (^_^)

Cod Ceviche
Perfect refreshing goodness.

Dry Rub Wings w/ Papaya Tequila dipping sauce
This was one of our favorite of the day, the wings was marinated so well and pack with flavor. It was a bit spicy but the sweet dipping sauce just complement it so well

I tried their food twice, love it once and underwhelm the other so I was willing to give it another try.

Porky's Revenge Taco $4 & Pescado Picante Taco $4
Both were so so, nothing wow and the fish taco was weak compare to the Buster's Sea Cove one
Drunken Monkey $4
The Banana fritter was fried fresh and was piping hot perfect with the cold smoked chocolate + tequila ice cream from @HometwnIceCream and spicy candied jalapeno ♥♥♥

They had opne of the shorter lineup.

Smoked Salmon BLT Slider $4
Found teh bun overwhele the delicate smoked salmon flavor, not even bacon can help

Toasted Ravioli stuffed w/ fresh Spinach & Ricotta $5
The shell was quite thick and hard, not what I have expected.

They had a half our wait for their schnitzel, gave up

This is one of my fave truck but was a bit disadpointed that they don't have a dessert version this time since I ♥ the one I had at Food Truck Events last year.

The Lumberjack $7.50
We got the last one and love the salty bacon with the tart granny smith, sweet maple syrup together with the creamy white cheddar ♥ Can't ask for a better combination of flavors.

The Sarducci $7.50
This was good as well but I find that there was a bit too much onions which overpower the taste of everything else.

Waited for quite a bit after placing my order, they made all the individual custom pizza first while I order 2 different slices :(

Slice of Heaven $5 (aka Bacon Jam Pizza)
Their hosemade bacon jam was the best savory sweet goodness perfect with the hot creamy mozzarella.

Mediterranean $5
~ Creamy Garlic Sauce, olives, feta, mozarella and balsamic veggies
I remember their cream sauce pizza was really good, so I order the cream sauce again as oppose to the red sauce and it does not dissadpoint.

They are not really a street food truck, they only attends events and catherings.
We are so full by then but we just have to have this....

Pulled Pork Parfait
This look so pretty and just like a real parfait from afar but we end up not being able to finish it cause there was way too much sauce in it which make it incredible salty and oily.

Didn't get to try this since  full, hope we'll see them at the next event (I ♥ Oysters)

Verdict :
My fave Food Truck event so far, hope there'll be another one like this soon ;)


  1. Nice post! Yeah, gotta love buster's fish taco! I had two at the last TUM event, so yummy! Was really wondering if guerilla cheese is worth the long wait...maybe it is? :D

    1. I know, wish they had their grill swordfish sandwich from their store menu... will def find them again soon

  2. Man the foods look absolutely amazing and delicious. Craving for it now.

    1. I know, just remembering make me drool... yummmm, def worth the lineup

  3. Incredible post! So detailed and I'm so jealous that you got to try so much great food :) The parfait at the end gave me shivers lol

    1. Thanks :)
      This was my fave food truck events so far, really worth the drive and not to mention yummy wine :)

  4. Woh!So attractive,yummy,make me drooling…