Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Olde Yorke Fish & Chips

I have been to Olde Yorke Fish & Chips a couple of times, even before this blog and it had remain one of my favorite place to satisfied my d fish craves (^_^) It's voted as the #1 Fish & Chips by blogTO and it definetly live up to it's name. The pricing is comparable to the other "grab & go" fish & chips place, here you get to sit down and enjoy the meal while enjoying a pint or 2 of beer which I think it's essential to any deep fried food =P

Clam Strips
I thought the batter was great and tasty but the clams strips was rather small... wich they didn't cut it that small which will make it stand out more in contrast to the batter texture wise.

Cod & Chips
We alwasy order either the halibut or haddock (my fave) and we decided to try the Cod this time.
As you can see, the portion are quite big with perfectly fresh cook fries.
The batter here was the perfect light crispy batter that doesn't fall off compeltely as you cut into it.
Please note taht their tartare sauce doesn't come with your order and you have to ask for it.

Fish Sandwich
I thought this would come in more of a "hot-dog" bun but instead it came in a rather dry and heavy burger bub which didn't go with the fish at all... we ended up just eating the fish which was the halibut.

At the back, tehy have a sun room at the back

Verdict :
This will remain one of my fave Fish & Chips place

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  1. The Cod & Chips look amazing! Still haven't been :(

  2. MMmmm yummm it's like 2 mins from where I live. What time did you go? It's empty?! It's usually packed when I go (but I usually get takeout).

    1. I went for a late Sat lunch at around 2:30pm... it was half packed when I got there

    2. nice, call me next time you go. i will walk over!